Hi I'm new to all this-got diagnosed with grade 4 endo last month through a laparoscopy after 3 yrs of battling with my GP to get a referral! I'm just waiting to start on prostap as my consultant said its such a mess in there I can't have any surgery until it all becomes a bit less 'sticky'. I've read some horror stories about the side effects so am now dreading having it. I have 3 children and a supportive husband but find it such an isolating condition. My mood swings are already horrendous and really affecting the ones I love so I can't imagine how in gonna be with the added hormones. Any advice/information would be appreciated! X

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  • Hi every one will have a slightly different reaction to prostap so there's no hard and fast side effects, try and have an open mind and not get hung up on the horror stories.

    I've just had my second injection. It's stopped my bleeding although I did have a week long period 2 weeks in which apparently is normal. I got body aches headache nausea and hot and cold flushes. The hot flushes wake me up multiple times a night. However as horrid as that sounds I prefer those to the constant bleeding contractions and blood clots

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for that. I'm hoping that I respond well but it's the fear of the unknown! It's really comforting to know that there's so many other people going through the same thing x

  • It does have some hard side effects but it also helps so many people so fingers crossed it will do you done good

    It is certainly a roller coaster ride so be prepared for some good and some bad but just take it as it comes and don't beat yourself up about it, it's just temporary


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