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Post Op Dizziness

Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone has had an op and had a delayed dizziness?

I had a laparoscopy a week ago (Wednesday 29h April) to remove extensive endo from, well everywhere really well and have been feeling fairly good and on the mend until midday today. Since lunch time I've been feeling dizzy and light headed, weak and clumsy, nasious, extremely emotional (as in I cried hysterically to myself I'd ran out of small pads!) And this sounds weird but I can feel my pulse everywhere and when I move I can feel vibrations through my face. I know that sounds crazy.

The only thing I can liken it to is being drunk!

Has anyone else felt like this? Any ideas what might be going on? Am struggling to keep my eyes open writing this like I'm gunna topple over.

I had a coughing fit around lunch, could it be connected?

Thank you everyone


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Hello, keep an eye on how you feel as it could be an infection, other than that, might sound silly, but you sure you havnt taken to many pills, I foubled up by accident the other day and didn't realise until felt weird, but fir me was good in a way coz felt better osin wise so have now kept to that dose, but that depends on what your on,

If you don't feel any better tomoz get your self checkout just to be on safe side

Wish you well xxx

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Hi! Just an update.

Turns out it was withdrawal symptoms from the tramadol! Very strange feeling! But all well now. Thank you for taking the time to respond :) x


Oh that makes sence I had strange feelings when I came of them, kept feeling really tense and tingly and nervouse, hope your very better now


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