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Please help..Age 26 with stage3 endo, is 1 year too long until I try for kids?

Hello every1, I'm 26 & have just had a laprascopy to treat my endo, it's stage 3, on bowel & bladder, but my Fallopian tubes are not blocked. The doctor said to start trying for kids in 6 months, and advised against the menopause inducing injections due to there side effects at my age. But we're not quite ready for kids yet, & I just wondered do you all think waiting a year to 1 & 1/2 years is silly with this condition? Is any1 a similar age when diagnosed & did they wait? Is it too long to start trying for children? I'm on the pill back to back now, how severe are these menopause injection side effects & should they maintain my fertility?

Thank you in advance


Laura x

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Hi Laura, this sort of advice really grinds my gears! It's so irresponsible! If you aren't ready to be a parent don't have a child out of fear of what you have been told, it's totally the wrong reason to be a parent. I was diagnosed at 23, I am now 31 with quite severe endo and adeno too, I don't have any children yet but after my last surgery in November my specialist is confident that I shouldn't have any issues conceiving as the surgery they performed was excision not diathermy etc, so as it stands at the moment I am stage 0! Me and Hubby are going to start trying next year.

Are you under the care of a gynaecologist or endo specialist? It makes a big difference if you are looked after by a specialist.

Good luck

Em xxx


HI Laura,

It's a decision that only you and your hubby can make. The only thing I would say is that endo does not go away and gets worse with time, I was told the same thing when i was 19 which was far too young and I also was not ready for children, I waited and now I have been trying 6 years to get pregnant 2 failed IVf and they have now told me that the chances of me getting pregnant using ivf is less than 10% which has broken my heart, The last 6 years have been complete torture going through multiple opps to increase my chances naturally and then more opps to try IVF.

I am not trying to frighten or upset you but if someone had told me this when I was younger I may not have waited so long and it may have increased me chances of becoming a mother.

Please just think long and hard before making a decision and ask yourself is anyone really ready to become a mother? but when it happens it changes your life and a baby is always a blessing.

Good luck in whatever choice you make.

Em x


At age 30 I was diagnosed and had an emergency lap removing large choco cysts. They asked me to get pregnant straight away but I was planning my wedding and did not want to be pregnant up the aisle. So they suggested the mini pill and by the time I tried 8 months later, I already had a small cyst that had grown back but no pain. Luckily I got pregnant very quickly ( the consultant helped us with dates/position etc) so don't rush, find best way to suppress symptoms and rapid growth - best of luck in your decision


Hi, this is a very, very difficult question. I wish I was told at age 26 that it would be difficult to become pregnant and keep the pregnancy with endometriosis. My doctor did not tell me anything. I managed to become pregnant 3 times, but I lost all those pregnancies because of endo. I managed to have one daughter after being operated again by professor Garry, who advised med to ttc right after the operation. If it was not for him, I wouldnt have any children.

So if I could turn the time back, I would start family much earlier. Are you married? Do you have a good job? 26 is not too young to try for a baby, specially when it is most likely that with endometriosis it will take some time to concieve. It may take years.

I think you should ask yourself this question - what will I regret most? Having kids too early or risking not having kids at all? Only you know the answer. Good luck. It is not easy to decide but If you are in a relationship which is long term, the baby is not the worst that can happen. :)


Thank you everyone for your advice, really helpful to get everyone's views 😀 I'm under the care of a gyno, but am going to see if I can get a referral and second opinion from an endo specialist. I'm turning 27 next month, me & my boyfriend have been together 6 years, both have good jobs, are financially stable & own our own house. To be honest he has hinted about proposing this year & getting married next summer, so I really wanted to try and hold out trying to conceive until September next year if poss, it's just I don't know how much my fertility will be affected by then, but u gather with endo everyone is completely different! My partner is very supportive, although trying to conceive in 6months as the Dr adviced did stress him out (r specially considering we wernt planning to have childereb until our mid 30s, so even next year is abit of a shock to him, but he's coming round to it slowly ha! Thank you everyone xxx


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