Abdominal swelling??

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but have been suffering with endometriosis for two yrs. Does anyone else have swelling in their stomach? I get so tired, well exhausted to be fair. This can make you feel so alone ( if that makes sense ). My life has changed a lot, does anybody else feel as though its affected their lives in a huge way? I've just been put onto prostep SR injections and feel so fed up and emotional. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like they are going mad.

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  • Hi

    I think the majority of us in this site feel like we are going mad! i know when you say it makes you feel alone, but at least now you know we are like that too and we are going to help you if we can.

    Bloating is very common from endo and/or hormonal treatments (pills, injections etc). I believe you should get great benefit if you follow the endo diet and especially if you completely remove gluten (wheat). You need to be patient, the diet is strict, but in long term you will see hopefully improvement. xx

  • Endo diet??? please tell me where you found this as I have only just found out I have it after surgery where it was removed but pain is as bad as ever again x

  • Hi Tracey

    This is only one of many links you can find about endo diet.


    Its based on eliminating gluten/wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar etc and the results are very good. It is strict, but you can eliminate one thing at a time and take it from there.There are great recipe books for this diet too, like carolyn's levett.

    One of the most important things is definitely gluten/wheat as by stopping it usually you have relief from pain/bloating. xx

  • Thank you so much I am planning to read all of this x

  • Thank you so much for posting this link. It was incredibly useful x

  • Bloating.... Ugh..... yep I look pregnant of certain days of the month....

  • Thanks Jojo, it's so nice to be able to talk to others who understand and know how it feels xx

  • Hi girls, yes the bladder pain is one of the worst issues of this condition

    I have, however, managed to deal with this problem simply be removing wheat products from my diet, which has made a great difference. Women with endometriosis tend to also be sensitive to gluten and wheat, so maybe give this a go and you should notice a difference within a couple of days. The bloating caused by the wheat presses your bladder and this is where the discomfort begins. I hope you feel better.

  • Ha! I see Tracey had already come up with this answer:D

  • hiya.

    I've been off wheat for over 2 years now and my bloating can be so servere that my tummy is bigger than my bust and I can't do my trousers up. I can look a good 6 months pregnant. I gave been told this can be because of scaring and internal bleeds however it can happen a week or so after period so there's no rhyme or reason. If anybody knows what this could be as its uncomfortable and not trapped wind.

    I must say my bladder has been so much better since I cut out wheat.

  • Hi girls, this is helping me so much being able to talk to you. My tummy is constantly extended, I look about 6/7 months pregnant. It's not just the way it looks but it's so uncomfortable too. As if we don't have enough pain eh :-(. I hope you are all doing ok. X

  • That's amazing to hear you guys say this! on my most recent trip to the hospital my stomach looked 7 months pregnant and yet the doctors said that the swelling was not due to endo. They treated me for bowel problems because they were certain that swelling is not a symptom of endo! Does anyone else find this gets worse as the day goes on?


  • your not on you own i look 6 months pregnant all the time ive suffered for the last 10 years but this is the worse its ever been my bowels are shot xx

  • I find mine can get worse Lucy throughout the day, although it never goes down below a certain point. I always look heavily pregnant. My consultant said the same, that its not text book endo. X

  • It's so good to hear that other people have this symptom! I like the suggestion of berry nectar so I might try that. I,t's so weird because, like you I allays look heavily pregnant these days and it's reay affecting my self esteem. What do you do to combat it? Xx

  • healingwithaloe.myforever.b... has some excellent Aloe Vera organic drinks, "Berry nectar" is the best tasting IMHO and this helps with bloating as it improves your digestive system amongst other things. The juice is also excellent for bad belly or tummy ache pains. I drink it everyday and can definitely say it has been the only thing http at has helped in terms of constipation and Back pain due to bloating and congestion inside. My doctor too agrees this is best for me as all the tablets, powders even enemas were useless.

  • also try fresh ginger in hot water fresh lemon and maybe some malnuka flower honey

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