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Hi ladies!

I was wondering if any of you suffer from swelling? Lately I can't seem to wear anything other than leggings or pyjama trousers! It's really depressing to be honest :( cos I feel pregnant everytime I get dressed. My stomach gets so big some days it's really exhausting! Has anyone found anything effective for this please? Any response would be very appreciated!



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I'm the same, it's very anoying,



Hi. I also get swelling and it gets really uncomfortable mine comes and goes it's always really bad before period. The thing I find that helps is peppermint tea seems to calm it down.

Hope this helps.

Jo x


Thank you !! I will definitely try that. Xx


hi ls93, i swell everyday, some worse than others, i too have to wear leggings all the time, if i know im not going out ill put my pj bottoms on, i know how you feel when you say it gets you down, when i sit when my tummy is that swollen my boobs actually sit on it, i look pregnant everyday, it is exhausting, im just hoping once ive had my hysterectomy it will go down.



Swelling is a big problem. Have you tried a gluten free diet? I am trying that at the moment and it seems to be helping me. Are you having treatment?


I understand what you mean ladies, its very frustrating :( good luck with the hysterectomy dk1136 hope all goes well for u and u have a speedy recovery!


No janine33 ive never tried it or heard of it in fact. Could I look it up on the internet? Well im on medication and have been for about a year and half. I must say things have been better since ive been on them. Awaiting my appointment with endo specialist which is in 2 weeks. Hoping he's going to do a lap, fingers crossed xx


Hi, like Janine33 said, its worth looking at your diet. There's lots of stuff on the web about the Endo diet. I used to get terrible bloating in my stomach so I have cut out lactose (I have lactofree milk now) and bread as much as possible (I sometimes have a bit at the weekend and try to have decent bakery bread then). Its really helped me, in fact I was staying with family a couple of weeks ago and had quite a lot of bread one day and really suffered with bad stomach pains, so I know its definitely linked. The endo diet suggest all sorts of foods that can cause problems, so its a case of maybe cutting out some of the obvious ones 1st and seeing what does or doesnt work for you.

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Thank you for your reply!

Very appreciated :)

I am definitely going to look that up, maybe try a little experimenting. I eat bread most days, so that could be a problem! Fingers crossed I can find out what's giving me the swelling and sort it out! Thanks again ladies xxx


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