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Hair loss!



Really random, but has anyone else been losing hair, not like coming out in clumps..But..on the pillow when I wake up there's more than normal and also when I wash it or brush it! My boyfriend said it could be something to do with all my hormones being everywhere at the moment..But I'm just wondering if it is..or if it's just something that happened sometimes!?

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I had this a few years back. I put it down to stress & hormones ( was on Zoladex, HRT ) and hoped it would pass. Mine got so bad I'd cry after washing it & convinced myself I had bald patches. In my case it was due to really low iron levels, probably caused by years of frequent, really heavy periods. It did start getting better fairly quickly once I started taking iron supplements 3 times a day. X

Mine used to mainly when washing, brushing and styling. I’ve been taking evening primrose oil and they helped x

I lose hair but I think it’s just because my hair renews itself very fast and dead hair just falls out. It’s worse when I brush or wash it.

I don’t take any hormones but it is normal for hair to fall out. I find it everywhere like on my pillows, clothes etc xxx

Hey! Since I have my new meds, I lose them quite fast as well. But it's actually written as a common secondary effect so maybe this is due to your meds or whatever you take for your treatment?

I have started to loose hair and remember when the season change we shed hair too. I get heaps in the shower so I have started to brush my hair before I go in, even dryin and straightening my hair I get hair loss and more than what’s normal for me. I now pin my hair up on top of my head which seems to help. I think my loss is down to hormones and stress. Get yourself some lovely shampoo and conditioner and serum, I don’t think it makes much of a difference but it makes me feel a bit better lol x

Mine was 2 months ago turns out my ferratin was low I been taking tablets for 3 months Im on month 1 and seen a vast improvement I still get quite a lot out but I dont have to hoover my bed everyday lol good luck and keep researching/ going docs xxx

This is freaky as I think I have the same problem. I’ve noticed a lot of hair on my brush and also took a huge amount out of the shower plug hole the other day. I recon I can see my scalp at the front now!! I’m on zoladex & HRT and feel it’s that but I’m having hysterectomy soon so will be on HRT for ages.

Let me know if anyone gives any great ideas as not sure how I will cope if it gets really thin!

Hey! It's soo horrible isn't it.. My hair has gone thin and I hate it..I've heard alot of people on different things with endo..they haven't given me nothing but the coil? I'm a little confused they haven't offered me anything to help! :-) x

I doubt they will! It might be worth talking to gp to see what they say but it’s proving it’s connected to the treatment. Let me know how it goes x

I am so sick of having this disease(as the doctor called it)..It's one thing after the other..I really thought after having my lap that things would improve..Ive just had enough! :-( xx (Sorry to be a downer)

No your fine, I’ve had a tough few years of it myself. I’ve been struggling for about 12 years. I’ve had 2 laparoscopies with some improvement but always short lived. I’ve tried majority of treatments and struggled with side effects & depression. I’m now waiting for a hysterectomy as I’ve hit rock bottom. The zoladex has been the best but it took 4/5 months to settle for me. I’ve had to give up working full time which has definitely helped.

Endometriosis has taken over my whole family’s life. I’m sad that I will never get rid of this bloody condition. I however have ups & downs and I’m hoping the ups will take over soon.

I wish you all the best and I hope things ease for you soon x

I Really am praying this coil works! I waiting 3 months for my first consultant app..Then literally a week to the day I had my I can't complain as some women I've read have been waiting years to even be seen..But I've got it on my ovaries and womb..So if all end fails..they'll have to take them :-( xx

🤞🏻🤞🏻 give the coil time & let’s hope shutting down your ovaries will help.

Best wishes x

My hair was falling out apparently it was due too low iron levels butbive been taking Ferrous Fumarate for 3 months and its still falling out!

I personally had a similar problem. Had hair in my fingers when I moved my hand through my hair and also on my pillow. I started taking some natural supplements recommended by a dermatologist. It helped a lot

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