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Diagnostic lap

So I got out of hospital last night after my first lap.

Endro was found in the left of my pelvis and a small amount on my right ovary (not enough to remove)

The scan had showed something in pouch of Douglas but she didn't find anything and my pain has been conected to my bowel/intestine. That is where I had an infection. But she said nothing was "noticeable".

I have the mirina and she couldn't find that either which I know is there. So I don't have much confidence in here.

She isn't going to remove what was found.

Surgeon wants me on the combined pill even though I have had a bad time with it before and will see me in 4 months.

Will the combined pill help me?? Is it worth going through hormone hell for?

Do I ask my doctor to see the specialist? (I was told I'd have to have bad emdro to see them and this women is making out I have nothing)

I am presuming the pain I had before will be just the same as before once I recover from the lap?

Sorry if I don't make much sense, still drowsy.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thank you

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Hi lovely.

Yes I would ask to be referred to a specialist, it should not make a difference if there was a small or it was a large amount, endo is a funny disease you can have someone who has stage endo and no pain and some like yourself who are told it was superficial but can be in chronic pain.

And most importantly that small amount that got left behind can grow if it's left.

Yes you need to ask for a referal to a endo specialist preferably at a endometriosis centre, the consultant needs to be on BGSE list.

I hope this hope this helps

Jo xx

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bsge.org.uk › ec-BSGE-accredited-centres

Sorry BGSE Is what I meant to put lol xx


Hi Sam

Well it's interesting that this went in the same way as the stories you had from others about this consultant - nothing being done and insisting on going on hormone meds. You now need to follow through with getting a referral to a specialist centre. You have had endo confirmed but she has left well alone which is actually the best position for you. Hormone meds can only ever delay proper treatment as the endo will grow afterwards even if it does control it for a while. I should go to your GP and get the referral process rolling before your holiday then you will have it in your mind that you've moved things on. Get back if you need any more help. x

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