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Hi Ladies.

This isn't really endo related but it's to do with when I had my Laparoscopy which was nearly 7 weeks ago.

I had It in my hand which caused no end of problem for them to get it, but thankfully they numbed my hand, I have tiny veins they use a child's needle when taking blood (I know pathetic lol)

Anyway my vein down to my wrist is all lumpy and raised and hard and it hurts if I touch it.

I have google it and it said it's a kind of clot but it will go and to massage it which I have been doing but it's still not gone.

Has anyone else had this and if so how did you get rid of it?

I'm having a colonoscopy soon and I know they will put it in this vein as it's the only one they can get it and I want to try and get rid of by then.


Jo xx

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You're not alone! I have to have paediatric cannulas too! I had a blood test a few weeks ago and I too have lumps in the vains in my hand


Oh thanks I was starting to feel pathetic. I just want them to go away they really hurt x


It's inflammation of the vein. Your hand will be sore for a while. It does go away but takes a while. It's common when they have to go in so many times and the vein swells if they have gone through the vein instead of inside. I have small veins too. There is a cream you can get for it.


I have a massive needle phobia due to having tiny veins , it started when I was a child and 8 and they just jabbing me and I was sick in the end.

After that I always get dizzy and sometimes faint. Did you mean to numb the vein, I have that it's emla cream?

Thanks for replying honestly I'm not a wimp I have had 3 kids 2 without any pain relief lol its just the needle thing.

Thanks for relying xx


I have a needle phobia too. It's a cream to get rid of the inflammation. I can't remember the name of the cream but did help reduce it a bit. It works in a similar way though to the cream you have. It didn't numb the vein. The only side effect I used is thinning of the skin but I didn't get the side effect but soothed the area.


I had this and it went after a while. I applied heat (hot flannel) and massaged it. It was a bit painful though!


Thanks for replying. I hadn't thought of the heat. It is still really painful, my partner put his hand on mine and I almost jumped ooff the sofa lol. I hope it goes soon xx


I know the feeling. It's a blood clot and so it will go with time. The heat really helped. Good luck!


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