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If it's even possible I'm feeling worse than ever! Admitted to hospital on Saturday with a suspected Kidney infection, a few hours later I was sent home with 3 days of anti-biotics and no advice on what to do if I did not get better! They weren't even sure it was a kidney infection... My appointment with my Endo consultant is in 3 weeks but this pain feels completely unrelated. Went back to my GP last night in tears on the way home from work, feeling even worse then when I started the antibiotics, she has given me a 5 day course of something different but my temperature is crazy and I have an awful lower pelvic pain. Should I call my doctor again? Or have I not given the antibiotics a chance? Not feeling very brave at all today! I usually hide my constant pain so well but I've taken to my bed for a full day!

Anyone else experience frequent water/kidney infections?

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Hi there, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in feb this year had a lot of symptoms for many years but from sept last year I started to get lots of different types of water infections / different types of antibiotics.

Before Xmas I went to A&E with bleeding and pelvic pain on the right side, the doc made out that I had a STI!! I was given different antibiotics and in a few days the pain got much much worse to the point where I couldn't cope with the pain, was in tears and turned up at my GPs begging for an appointment and was then referred to a consultant.

I had two chocolate cysts and one of them had burst. I was on antibiotics again in January as I did have more infections, to the point where my body was starting to not even react to the medication.

When you went to the GP yesterday did she take a urine sample and if so, was it sent to the lab?

I saw the GP quite a few times and as blood wasn't visible they threw it away, and by January I had two really nasty infections on top if the cysts and the endo.

I thought the same, maybe I hadn't given the antibiotics enough time, I took them for 4 days and finally stopped as the pain got worse and worse. I know, looking back the antibiotics made my pain worse at the time...

I am not saying this has happened to you, it is just that the pain / symptoms you describe sounds very similar...

Could you try and go back to the GP tomorrow and say the pain has got worse?


Thanks so much for replying! I'm beginning to think everyone thinks I'm mad! My GP did take a urine test to be sent to the lab as she was concerned that the antibiotics didn't seem to be working.

Do you think anything will show on the lab tests?

I did have another test on Saturday in hospital but I think they only dipped it for signs of infection and blood which they didn't find any


I really don't know but if it does , then at least you can be sure you get the right antibiotics for the type of infection you have. I can't remember at the moment the name of the two that I had but they were unusual and very tricky to shift, once they cleared up and was left with the remainder of the endo (before the lap) I did feel a lot better. I guess the only thing is, it does take a few days for the results to come back. You can phone tomorrow and ask when they expect to be back.

Don't worry you are not mad, I remember the way the GP looked at me as I stood there crying uncontrollably, I even did the same at work that day. I never cry at work so I think my colleagues understood it must have been bad.

The GP didn't see any blood in my test and only believed me when she examined me and found some bleeding. It wasn't until I saw the consultant that she sent off mine to the lab, which is why I always ask now to make sure.


That sounds awful, I think the only reason I got an appointment so quickly yesterday was because I was so upset on the phone to my GP. it's my first 'sick day' in 2 years so I'm hoping my colleagues will understand. Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow! this just feels like a never ending cycle of being ill. How have you been since your diagnosis?


Once the infections cleared up I felt a lot better and touch wood, I haven't had one since. I have changed a lot of things, alcohol seemed to trigger the pain and infections and also the endo, I haven't touched a drop since December.

I had a laparascopy seven weeks ago and finally starting to feel a lot better and returning to work next week, have also changed my diet. I think I have endo for at least 20 years and was so relieved to finally get answers. I also had an MRI scan before the lap which showed up the cysts but not all if the patches / areas of endo. Have they done any scans at all? A scan also showed that my left kidney may be duplex / produces twice the amount of waste which could increase the chance of water infections. At the time clothes even hurt my kidney area and Lowe back pain was total agony.

I have my fingers crossed for you that you feel better tomorrow, let me know how you get on x


Thanks Lisa, I also find the same with alcohol! I was never a big drinker anyway but I'll definitely steer clear! I always found the day after a few was very painful!

I've had 1 lap which found nothing and other than that there has been 1 ultrasound scan.. So not many diagnostic tools! Well apart from the many doctors prior to this who insisted I must have an STI (apparently something to do with my age.. I'm 25 now and still equally unimpressed when they suggest this) The lap found nothing but it was with a general gyne and I'm due to see a specalist in a few weeks.

Good luck for your return to work, sounds like you'll be glad to get back to normal.

I'll post after I've seen my specalist hopefully with a bit more positivity than I feel right now.



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