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Endo and pain

Hello all, I have had 2 laproscopy in the past 6 months, 1st one also had a large cysy removed, 2nd one just some endo treated, the cyst had abnormal cells so am due a review soon. Doctor said everything else is fine and I shouldn't be concerned. However I am desperately trying for a baby and it's been 4 months- which I know isn't long but just so frustrating. Also my periods are very regular at 30 days but last 2 have dropped to 22 days- I know I probably just stressing. Also throughout month having back pain which requires me to take pain killers. Anyone else similar stories ? Just gets me so down.

Thanks !

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Hi - click on my username and have a look at my post on monitoring your fertility. You need to check when you are ovulating and if your luteal phase is less than 10 days , which it is likely to be with periods of 22 days, ask your GP if he/she can give you a progestogen in the latter part of your cycle to try and help you hold on to your uterus lining. If it doesn't help you need to seek fertility treatment which would start with clomid.You do also need to monitor your pain symptoms too as endo can be missed at a first lap.x


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