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Ureter Stent


Hi ladies

It's been a long time since I visited this page but i've just had my second laparoscopy in 4 years. This time i've been told that I need to have a ureter stent fitted for a few weeks before another surgery to remove endo that's been found close to my ureter, rectum and bowel. I'm still in a bit of shock that I need to have more surgery but mostly really nervous about having a stent! Can anyone tell me how this is put in and will I be able to manage pain wise until my next surgery? I'm not finding much on line about this procedure other than horror stories about how awful it is to have one :(

Thanks in advance x

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Hi, i'm on my fourth ureter stent in 2 1/2 years due to endometriosis. I need one because it effects my kidneys. It has to be put in under general anaesthetic, you then have an xray to see if it's in the right place. The operation doesn't take too long, for me the first one was the most uncomfortable. The first time you go the toilet will probably sting alot and be very red, you can't leave the hospital until your urine is clear. Overall the pain i get from the stent is the left side of my back by my kidneys so i don't know if it will be the same for you. Good luck!

Stellauk in reply to jull

Why are you still having the stent? Could they not remove the endometriosis around the ureter? It can be done by an endometriosis specialist. However, general gynaecologist can't do it.

I was referred by my general gynaecologist to a specialist in London for the operation. Maybe worth checking out.

HiDee555 in reply to Stellauk

Hi Stella - please could you tell which surgeon in London you had? I have to have same op ... would rather go on recommendations. Thanks in advance.

I had stents for a few months, then they were removed when the surgery was completed. I didn't feel the stent for the first two months, it was a bit annoying towards the end. But nothing unbearable.

Hi, i am under a endo specialist I'm not quite sure why it's taking so long, i think it's because i need three different surgeons (gynaecologist, bowel and urologist) to perform the surgery i need together and it's difficult to get them together at the same time. It's looking like november when that may be hopefully.

Thank you all for your replies. At least i've got an idea of how it'll get in there now! The surgeon said it could be a few days to a few weeks, depending on when all the specialists involved can do what they need to do. Apparently I need to have a bowel surgeon too so I guess it'll be a bit of waiting game. Hopefully I'll be lucky and won't cause me any more pain than i'm already in x


I had a ureter stent for 6 months and it was agony with peeing blood I could barely sit down. I was peeing all the time like 5/6 times per night. I was supposed to have it changed but they took it out instead as it had caused more problems for me. They put it in and take it out under general anaesthetic which wasn't too bad took about an hour as they had to do scans and stuff too. NEED TO KNOW they only come in 2 sizes. I am just under 5 foot so they used the longer 1! May be why I had so much trouble. Do ask make sure they use the right size for you get them to explain why they are using the size they are. I may need another in the future but won't know until I have scans in September. They only last 6 months then they have to be changed. X

Heloo85 in reply to Bethleah

I had this exact problem. I managed 4 weeks then i made them remove it. Im 5' 1 and they said "well we did think it was a little too big" .. wtf.. i was sucker punched in Kidney everytime i went for a wee! Was torture!

KerryKB in reply to Heloo85

I'm only 5' 2 so hopefully they take that into account! Doesn't sound like it's going to be pleasant but hopefully it'll be a means to an end and it won't be in for very long!

Heloo85 in reply to KerryKB

I hope it isnt. It does depend, i know some people do get on with them and they aint tall. Im very small framed me, i wear age 11 clothes. They shouldve put a kids in me, but put an adults. I hope you have better luck though

Hi my name isClaire my mum has bowl cancer & other health problems. They put a stent in last October 2017 so her left kidney would work fully so then she could have chemo. With mum being confused we decided to keep an eye on her cancer, in February this year we got told mum has vascular dementia. Mum has had problems with pain in her tummy back kidneys etc about after a month after the stent was done I’ve told them been doctors & got nowhere. Now it was ment to get changed every 6 month my mums tummy keeps swelling up & ive told them been doctors they got me an appointment with specialist in June she had her premed & we are still waiting for it too be changed x it’s getting harder too keep mum pain under control & at the end of next month it will be 12 months. I just don’t know what to do, her granddaughter gets married on the 13th October & I would love her too be pain free or at least more comfortable x

Thanks for listening x Claire x

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