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What to do

I'm 25 years old, have suffered with awful pain ever since I started my periods. I've tried nearly every type of contraception in the hope it would help reduce the pain.. Pills, patches, coil and the implant. I started going back to my GP about 5 years ago when it was becoming harder and harder to cope with the excessive pain, I was given painkillers on and off for about 3 years before I finally received a gynaecologist referral. I had a laparoscopy 2 years ago and they found nothing... My consultant diagnosed me with dysmenorrhea... The pain has since become worse! There are days where I can't get out of bed, my stomach feels swollen and painful. I went back to my GP after being prescribed some Tramadol as the pain at times can be unbearable. She decided since I am bloated that I must have IBS.... and finally a few appointments later I presented her with a pain diary which has triggered a referral to a general gynaecologist. I have spoken to my GP today to ask for a referral to the endometriosis centre at James Cook. My doctor told me that I am 'jumping the gun a bit' as I have not actually been diagnosed with endo... She said that if I had a lap they would have been able to actually see the Endo? What should I do? She said she will refer me to the specialist centre but I don't want them to think I am wasting their time.. I just can't go on with this pain. It's starting to rule my life! Dreading the 2 weeks of every month where it is constant and God forbid I am ever intimate with my partner. Why did my consultant not find anything before and what on earth does dysmenhorrea actually mean?

Any advice would be so helpful! Feeling so lost

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Really sorry to hear that you are I'm such pain. Where did you have your laparoscopy 22 years ago was it in the spspecialist centre that you would like to be referred? I only ask because there Is a area called pouch of douglas and it's sits between the rectum and the vagina it is very commonly missed because it is seen as area that needs to be treated expertly. I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and in the pouch of douglas the symptoms it causes is normally a left sided pain in pelvis, back, buttocks that radiates down the leg? There is a lovely lady on here called Lindle message her and she will help give you the information you need to get seen by a specialist, I hope this helps and that this gets better for you soon.

Jo x

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Hello Jo thanks so much for replying, I only saw a general gynaecolagist 2 years ago. I'm so tired of every GP making me feel like it's in my head. I've sent Lindle a message, she's been so helpful so far xx


Sorry just read my post back that was meant 2 years and was it at the specialist centre. X


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