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I have just seen my Gp. I am 4 and a bit weeks post laparoscopy. Where they discovered Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I have had a lot of bowel pain and symptoms but surprisingly I had no Endo on my bowel. My Gp confirmed this evening she will sent me for Endoscopy can any one advise what the difference between endoscopy and colonoscopy is I thought that was what I was having but I was told I was having endoscopy??

Many thanks

Jo x

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  • Hi there. Hope your recovery from the Lap is going well.

    Endoscopy is when they put a camera down your throat to look at your oesophegus, stomach and part of the small bowel (up to the duodendum?). You can't eat before this but no evil potion to drink before it. Go for sedation if they offer it would be my big tip!

    Colonoscopy is where they insert camera through your rear end to look at your colon and bowel. You have to take a prep potion the day before which makes you poo a lot so your bowels are empty for the investigation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi. Thanks such for your reply

    I'm really confused as she said it will be camera up bottom and bowel prep before and it's my bowel they are looking at, but she said endoscopy??x

  • Endoscopy is the general term, gastroscopy is the camera down your throat & colonoscopy is the one that needs bowel prep. Don't worry too much, It's not half as bad as you imagine x

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I have read a few posts about bowel prep not being very nice. But to honest it would probably me good as I'm chronically constipated. Thank you. X

  • I had a barium enema and the prep was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Yes there was lots of toilet visits and not ones where you could wait but it wasn't painful. I just wished someone had told me beforehand that Picolax is not only very lemony tasted but blooming fizzy.

    Useful advice - wipe with aloe vera baby wipes as it is soothing, use germolene on loo roll if you get sore, drink sports drinks to keep hydrated and stop you getting too weak.

  • Hi.

    Thanks such for your reply. I am starting to feel a bit calmer now a few of you have said that it isn't too bad. I will be sure to stock up on the items you said before hand.

    Many thanks xx

  • Hun, i had a endoscopy and it was a camera up my bottom, i should imagine this is what you will be having if you have bowel pain as this is the reason i had mine. The bowel prep isn't very nice, i wilk recommend that you take it with lots of squash! Message me if you have any questions hun, but you will be fine! I promise! Xx

  • Thanks I feel nervous about it it's just not a nice thing to have done. Yes I've read a few people saying mix it with juice. Did you have sedation with yours. Did they find anything on yours?xx

  • No, i didn't have sedation because they were only looking at the bottom half of my bowel, it was uncomfortable at first, but then i was laughing the whole time because it was really tickling my bowels haha no they didn't, they were doing it to see if anything was going on or if it was just ibs, and it was ibs. Xx

  • That's why they are doing mine they have said I have ibs which I think I do but I have constant pain on my left hand side, I always seem to be constipated and feel like I need to go but I can't the only way I can go is by taking moloxole. What were you bowel symptoms if you dont mind me asking xx

  • They are:




    Haha that's basically it, somedays i just won't stop going, then other days, i won't go for like 5 days xx

  • Sounds like me except I would never have diahreah unless I have a bug and even when I do have it I still feel like I need to go. Gp said could possibly be a blockage in bowel so i guess I'll have to wait and see xx are you still like thar now with your bowel?x

  • Sometimes you can get ibs with the runs or ibs with constipation. I got both lol but i usually get the runs tbh (sorry if tmi!!!) yes, ibs doesn't go away usually, and it will try and take over your life. Don't let it! Once you figure out what your triggers are, you'll be fine! For example my triggers are spicy food, rasberries, the egg we sell at work, and other things.

    Ibs can be well managed so don't worry if you do have it! Xx

  • I just don't think it is I may be wrong though since it started I did a major change on diet and eat really really healthy lots of green juice but it doesn't matter what I ear I causes me pain a couple of hours after as it's moving to my bowel. Part of having the endoscopy is to make sure that isn't something else going on and to try and work out what's going on with my pain and what's causing it endo bowel or adenomyosis so complicated lol x

  • It sounds like IBS to me tbh hun, some people get it quite bad where everything sets off the pain. There are plenty of medicines out there for ibs, and you'll find the ones that help you, and i'm here if you ever need a chat about it! The main thing is you get the endoscopy done, you will be fine i promise xx

  • Thanks they haven't given me anything for it so far all I have is the molaxole for constipation and omazrepol (think thats how it's spelt lol). I'm obviously taking a lot of pain killers foe endo and Adenomyosis and I don't think that helps my stomach it's such a vicious circle xx

  • Ar you taking coedine? That can make you constipated xx

  • I had been yes and they swapped me to co-codamol because I was feeling sick but I don't take much of thar I've tried to cut it out, I mostly rake tramadol but I makes me feel nauseated but I have to take it for the pain x

  • I think tramadol can make you constipated too hun xx

  • It drives me mad you take painkillers for one thing and it makes the other worse it's a nightmare. The thing that worries me and I so strange I could eat high I'm fibre foods all day like weetabix and all bran and I still can't go?x

  • Ask your dr for laxido xx

  • It's the same as molaxole I'm currently taking 8 a day!x

  • Bloody hell hun, you really are having a bad time of it! Make sure you pressure your gp for this referal! If it makes you feel any better, the bowel prep will deffo have you going! Xx

  • Yes I know it drives me crazy I don't know what's causing the pain most the time. Gp told I should be seen within 2 weeks and they would have results back in a week so hopefully soon have the answers. I'm sure it will hopefully clear it all out x

  • Aw quite quick then, i waited ages for mine, and then my consultant didn't even show up haha x

  • Yes I was really surprised when said it's usually 2 weeks it's at a kind of local hospital. Oh that's really bad so who did your endoscopy? X

  • I had to go back like 3 weeks later. I was not impressed haha xx

  • You can buy boxes of it over the counter in the chemist - about £8 per box which is cheaper than prescription. I find it great - never get a can't control urge! Just takes time to balance how much to take.

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. Was that £8 a box for Laxido. Fortunately kind of i guess I don't pay for my prescription because I have a under active thyroid and take so much medicine I don't think I would be able to afford it. Xx

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