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Pain after 5th Decapeptyl Injection?

Hi Girls,

I won't bore you all with my full history but i've got stage 4 Endo that is practically everywhere and stuck to everything and ive had a pretty rough time the last 18 months. My consultant is pushing for a hysterectomy but at 37 i have been resisting because despite being told a natural conception would be near impossible i still feel my family isn't complete so while i mull things over i am currently on month 5 of a 6 month course of Decapeptyl which up until now has been fine.

On wednesday afternoon i went in to get my 5th injection and my usual practice nurse was off on holiday so i had her replacement. My usual nurse always jags me in the bottom (which for me is so padded i dont feel it) but this nurse jagged me really high up sort of level with my hip and it was a bit nippy and made me flinch. Within hrs i had bad pain in my side that i call ovary pain as its the pain i get when i ovualate, then the pain moved round to my bum cheek and started working its way down my leg, fast forward a few days and the pain stretches all the way down my right side from my right shoulder down through my ribcage, through my pelvis and right down my leg to my toes and its like a nippy tingling pain that comes and goes and if i tip my pelvis back or forwards the pain in my pelvis and lower back is excruciating.

This is my 5th Decapeptyl injection and i had no problem with the first 4 so im just wondering if maybe the nurse hit a nerve with the needle?, or if this is some kind of reaction to the injection?. I am sorry if this is TMI but i have been on these for 5 months so i am well into menopause but yesterday and this morning i had a lot of clear CM which is normal for me but not normal when your on a GNHR agonist so im wondering if the jag maybe hasnt been so effective this month and this is my ovary waking up so to speak?

Anyway this is now day 5 and the pain is still coming and going so im starting to get a little worried so am toying with calling my Gp but im wondering if anyone has ever had a similar sort of pain?.

Thanks Girls xx

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