Decapeptyl Injection

After worrying about having a decapeptyl injection and reading many horror stories, I can say I was worrying unnecessarily. It has been a week since the injection and so far so good. The first 2 days I had a bit of dizziness and a bit of a headache, but since then nothing. I think sometimes, people only post the bad things and you tend not to hear about anything good xx

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  • Could you tell me more about this injection please Miranda? Is this for lower back and abdomen pain? Fantastic news that it has helped you! I hope that continues to be the case :) xx

  • Its true! We focus on the side effects and not the positive effects hormone treatment can have on our endo symptoms! Long may it continue to work for you.

  • I have only had the injection for pre op purposes. Apparently it helps to shrink the endo before surgery. I am having a total hysterectomy and excision of the endo. I am keeping my ovaries, the gynae said it will help to keep me young!!! Don't really care about that just want to be pain free, but we will see. Only 3 weeks tomorrow before op :-( Stating to get a little apprehensive now., I have made a list of things to sort before I go in, even down to remember fathers day cards, go shopping for my daughters prom shoes!! (how sad am I).

    I am very fortunate that I do have 2 children (16 & 12) I did loose 3 in between and I can't imagine how awful it must be for many out there who are unable to have children because of this wretched disease xx

  • Hi Miranda

    Glad you put some positive comments on here it is nice to hear for a change. Also glad your not suffering with any side effects.

    Do you mind me asking are was your loosing 3 in between linked to your endometriosis? I have recently found out I have endo and my aunty also has it. She has had about 7 miscarriges so I'm just wondering if this may be a common thing. I am concerned about this as I haven't had any children yet and have been concerned about my future fertility although I have never tried to get pregnant before. xxx

  • Hi

    To be honest no one has ever linked the two. When I did eventually manage to get pregnant again, I had a scan every week to make sure he was still there. I recently found out that I also have Strep B, but again nothing has ever been said.

    I feel very lucky that I did manage to have 2 children as I know there are many women that are unable. I did have my children young, my first was at 22 and i'm now 38!! I don't think I would have considered a hysterectomy before now.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Yes it does thankyou xxx

  • hi there

    i have been on decapeptyl injection for a year now. I was put on it after having my endo lasered through laproscopy . the first 6 months were amazing i was pain free pretty much for all that time and my quality of life certainly improved. the last 6 months my side effect symptoms have been not great mainly the joint pain the hrt does help but not pain free anymore - however i would like to point out that its unusual to be on this injection unlicensed as i am as usually maximum length of use is 6 months. I would defiantly use this form of pain relief and endo control short term again :)

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