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Hi guys, I'm new on here.

So I've been suffering for years, I'm nearly 24. The doctor told me she's certain I have endometriosis but doesn't think a referral to a gyno is appropriate until I try for children and that I should either have depo injection or mirena coil to ease the pain. They Gave me the depo injection to ease the pain and I've just bled the entirety of the 12 weeks. Constantly bloated.

I really don't know what to anymore, it's getting me so down.

i don't know whether to ask for a referal, with it being so invasive but I don't know what more the doctors can do?


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Hi Sophie

If you are struggling hun and in pain then I would ask to be referred to the gynaecologist. If you have endo you need to know, what if it's not endo and something else etc.

I was left for years suffering, doctors and gynae cons telling me it was 'just a bad period' when i knew it wasn't. I first seen a gynae consultant when i was 16 and only got diagnosed with endo 2 years ago I'm now 31. My endo was that bad when it was found I spent 3 hours in surgery. My advice would be to definitely go and see a gynaecologist hun. Having a Lap isn't great but least you'll know one way or the other xx

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Hey thanks for replying :) that's the thing I've been going back and forth to the drs and it's only this year after me breaking down in tears in drs chair... And explaining my systems since I'd last been which was a couple months prior .. she's said 'have you heard of something called endometriosis, I'm pretty sure you have that,But there's way to treat the pain so we will do that' I didn't really get an option but because I was oblivious I just was like ok

But after been nearly 3 months on depo injection I feel rubbish? She said my other option was mirena coil but I keep hearing horror stories! I know everyone's different.

I've got an appointment on wed so going to asked to be refered.

Thanks again for replying x


Depo is rubbish and so is the pill it destroyed my body more than the endo itself try the mirena coil or fight for a lap but it won't be easy x


Hi - waiting until you try for children is not NHS recommended procedure for treatment. The course for suspected endo is medical treatment for 3-6 months followed by a referral for further investigation and a diagnostic a lap if this doesn't resolve your pain. So at the moment you are having the medical treatment but the next stage would be referral and not trying to get pregnant!

What are your symptoms - are they mostly period related? Have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms.

As you are young and haven't had a lap yet it is very important that you are seen by a specialist from the start who would ensure all of any endo found is dealt with appropriately. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist. There can be quite a long wait so I should now press your GP to get you on the list to be seen. In the meantime you might consider a combined contraceptive pill x

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Hey thanks for replying! Yeah I've been going back and forth to the doctors with problems for years, just a lot in the past year.

Ive always been really heavy, and I just can't stand up. I faint , im in agony and nobody gets it around me they think I'm being a hypochondriac and period pain is just period pain, it feels like what I can imagine contractions feel like. Numerous times I've nearly called for an ambulance when I've been on my own. I drip with sweat? Sounds gross I'm not a sweaty person like I work out and you wouldn't see me sweating I'm just not naturally a sweaty person , haha.

I've been on combined pill but turns out I'm allergic to that! I'm allergic to ibuprofen/aspirin and as it turns out the combined pill. ( I've tried a few)

Maybe I need to see a different doctor, I don't know I'm at my wits end. My last dr appointment I just broke down in tears.

My partner worries because he works away a lot and it's happened when he's been home and I can't do anything I just lose all colour and just have to lay down till it goes. If I try get up I pass out, which has resulted in me banging my head in several places. Sorry to go on! I have friends who have no period pains so it's so hard to talk about it. Infact don't think my doctor does !

I will read your posts now! Thanks again for replying xxx


You could fight for a lap to remove some of the endo but it almost always grows back or you could try the mirena coil which is what i had put in a few days ago when i got my first lap after doctors refused to treat me for 10 years Good luck whatever you decide x


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