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Showed no endometrosis in laparoscopic surgery and I woke up in pain after surgery upset thinking they got it out

Hello ladies. I'm searching for help if anyone's out there... I am 19 years of age I have been in non stop pain for 4 years, it's there on the left side of my majora in my vagina I feel like it spread does any one else feel like it moves like muscle spasms my left hip is very inflammed very bad I csnt even have sex with my boyfriend because it's so uncomfortable I feel it all day everyday it never goes away I just had a surgery and I woke up and still felt the pain and I said you guys didn't get it and they said there was no sign of endometrosis after all these years of having suvere symtpoms they can't help me I cried my eyes out I have gotten pregnant within these 4 years and my whole pregnancy I didn't feel pain until right after I had my son it was back my periods are cruel I can't move that's why we had the surgery for endometrosis and it showed nothing they scraped my uterus for answers will i have to get a hysterectomy to get rid of my pain? It's vaginal & hip please if there's any one out there who is like me in pain constantly please reach out to me I feel so sucidal I can't live with this pain in my hip and majora vagina left side there's not a minute of the day I dont feel it it tenses up and has muscle spasms and I cant handle it please anyone ... I'm laying in recovery of that stupid surgery that didn't even help me :(

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Hi jade. So sorry you didn't get the answers you where expecting. I've just had a lapna was diagnosed with adenomyosis, as well as endo, adeno can be veryvdifficult to diagnose mine is servere and could be seen but its not always that clear,

Please can you tell me if you was operated by a general gyne doc or a endo specialist, only sometimes s gyne doc can miss things that an endo specialist would see,

Adeno is curable by a hysterectomy I've got a follow up Tuesday, and my surgeon has already mentioned that to me, where as endo is lickly to come back or carry on causing issues if it hasn't been removed,

You are well within your rights to get a second opinion, please check out a member called Lindle read her posts,

Xxx keep your chin up bunny, there is hope and help outthere.


Hi, I had a lap last March and was told that endo was found top of ovary and elsewhere, I felt relieved as the constant daily pain started when my youngest child was 2 and I had coped with it for 6 yrs so to find out it was good but I have still been in pain every day it is worse in the mornings as I have to grit my teeth to get out of bed. 3 days ago I had my right ovary removed along with the tube and adhesions that were found last March were separated, I am hoping that I will get relief soon but when I asked was the endo removed he said that he couldn't see any! I am yet to know if all my pain has been adhesion related and will have to wait it out as I am still recovering. I understand how you are feeling and that some days you don't have energy for the fight but for over 2 years I have had the hormone type treatment pushed at me but I refused and as my ovary was slightly inflamed at the last lap so asked for it to be taken out as that is the side that also had adhesions, it could be nerve damage also from giving birth that causes pain, push for answers there is more that can be done to investigate.

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Just to add that when I was really bad with hip and back pain acupuncture give me some relief before I went for it I was bad and couldn't bend to get my own shoes on by the 3 rd time I could do it but I couldn't afford it private you are allowed 6 apts at the physio clinic on nhs. Some places may not offer it or it is kept quiet please be sure to ask your dr about this

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Look at these links:




Please don't give up. Get researching. There's a group on here for Pelvic Pain.

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