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Mirena coil-discomfort and needed to go to the toilet


Hi, I had the coil fitted on friday. I would really encourage women who haven't had kids not to have it done. It was horrific. I've had a lap and lletz (cervical scar tissue probably didn't help) that was a walk in the park compared to that pain. The nurse had nail marks on her arms after. Then after I got dressed I passed out and had to stay lying down for half an hour. The cramping was horrific after. I'm not a huge pain wimp either. I have chronic pelvic pain and live with it most days. Please could someone advise if this pressurised pain I'm feeling in my vagina and above the pubic bone is normal? I understand that the cramping is but I feel like I have a badly positioned tampon in there. I also need the loo constantly which might just be a mild uti I am susceptible to these. It's 2am and I can't sleep because it's so uncomfortable. I also have bad back pain and shooting down my legs. Again I'm used to that but coupled with the pressure in my vagina I'm going a bit nuts. I have taken codeine and paracetamol but it's not settling down. Its also painful to walk. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I'm so sorry you're in so much pain and I can completely relate. I'm 23 and had the coil fitted in September, I've had no kids and would definitely not recommend this as treatment either!! The pressurised pain and cramping will last quite a while. Mine did settle slightly but it's severely affected my quality of life and I will be speaking to my gynae in January to try and get it removed. Unfortunately once the coil is in it's hard to get anyone to listen to you about the pain, all I was told is 'give it time, it will settle'. That isn't necessarily true and most women I've spoken to have had it removed. There are some of course who have got on with it well but they've usually had children. With regards to the constant peeing that may well be a uti, I was told I would be susceptible because of the fitting so that may well be why you're suffering, have a chat with your doctor because that can be cleared up easily and take some weight off your shoulders. Im on a lot of medication but my doctor did put me on meloxicam which is an NSAID I believe to try and reduce the inflammation and cramping and coupled that with pregabalin for pain relief - I still can take paracetamol and codeine too but I find combining all of them does help to take the edge off. I'm so sorry, I feel your pain! I hope your pain improves soon x


Hi, I feel sorry for you :(

I don't have babies yet!

I have my coil fitted 4/5 months ago, they gave me the injection before the insertion. In that day I did not have pain, the following days were a bit painfull. The first months I could feel the coil was very unconfortable, but now I'm fine.

Call your Dr and try to find out if the coil is well fitted.

Good luck

Thanks so much for your replies. So good to not feel like I'm a massive wimp! The doctor also told me before insertion I need to have children by 30 which freaked me out as I'm 29. I had the coil in as treatment for pelvic pain not necessarily contraception. I really hate being a woman with my angry ticking tome bomb of a uterus! X

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Have your eggs frozen just in case .

I thibk all women who want children later should have their eggs frozen if possible .

It may not be ideal but at least you have half a fighting chance at having your own babies

There are more options for you if some of your eggs are there .

May mean a surrogate

Or implanting in uterus .

But I'd sure thibk about it .

Your right it's not fair to have our chance of having children cut off so young and men can go forever

But by freezing your eggs you can up the odd

Hi. I have pcos and the doc's persuaded me to have the mirena coil fitted. I found the experience very painful & uncomfortable too and I also needed the loo every 20 mins. I was told it would help with my blood loss~it didn't. Made me worse and the clots were massive. Eventually I got the endometrial ablation which worked for the 1st 8 mths then I was back to worse than ever. I need a hysterectomy but been told I won't get o

Is it because of your age? X

I had the mirena fitted in after my lap and excision in June and I'm in non stop pain since, I also get that exact feeling at times of like an improperly placed tampon and stabbing and aching too. it's been nearly six months for me so I'm going to ask to get it removed as my quality of life is awful at the moment pain wise, my pain especially in the pelvic region is worse

Hugs to you all. Having serious second thoughts about the mirena now. I've not had kids and have a small frame. Due to have it fitted next week at same time as lap and cystoscopy. Worry that I will be in worse pain from having it than I am now....

It's only been a few days but to be honest I'd rather have my other pains back. I've heard lots of mixed reviews about the mirena so it might work for some. Guess I'll have to see if it settles down but at the moment I can't walk properly. Have been a hermit for 2 days and am constantly microwaving my heated wheat bag. Hope it settles! Love to all. We really do have it tough hey! X

I had mine inserted after I had 3 kids and the pain was shocking. I think they should only insert under proper anasthetic.

Doctors say "just breathe it isn't going to be too bad and that is a LIE"

None of this information is in the product documentation either.

I agree. I can't believe they do it when you're awake! Never known pain like that! X

My mirena has caused me no end of grief! I wish I hadidn't never had it and you are so right! They won't take the damn thing out when you ask! I was in A&E pleading because I got so desperate, but no. Even with my eyes streaming I get told it's working and I'm lucky to have it. My advice to myself in hindsight would have been don't go near it. It seems it is a different experience for everyone though? Mine had definitely been a bad one. Sorry not helpful but you're not alone xx

I am sorry you are having a hard time with it:( I had the coil fitted (No children) and it was painful for the first day but quickly eased and has been the best decision for pain relief I have made. But it is obviously different for everyone. If the Doc is being difficult about taking it out can you go to a clinic? I had mine put in at a clinic and they just basically do what you ask them too (It is your body at the end of the day!)

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi. I'm still not feeling good. Very sharp stabbing pains. Called my gp and they can't see me until thursday as they need a chaperone there. The pain seems to come in sharp waves. The gp said because I had had lletz that they should never have done the insertion without a general. Feel at a loss as to what to do. I've called 111 and they just referrd me back to my gp. I'm worried that somethinf bad is happening and I can't seem to get a doctor to see me. Has this happened to anyone re the stabbing pains lasting a long time? X

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