ovulation and periods after lap and prostrap 3 injection

I had a lap op in December and the surgeon found severe endo and recommended the prostrap 3 for one injection to 'dry everything up' :) I am hoping to get pregnant and he said i could start trying again in March. I've not had a period but i did have very very mild bleeding which lasted a day-ish and nothing since. Do you need to have a period before ovulation starts or is it just body dependant? may age is a significant factor in wanting to try asap, I'm 40. thanks for any help or advice.

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  • Hey Hun

    I also have stage 4 severe endo. I am 38 and wanting babies.

    What is prostrap 3?

  • Hi Sunshine

    Its a depo injection netdoctor.co.uk/cancer/medi... which stops the production of oestrogen and simulate the menopause. some people don't like it some people don't mind it, i had mild side affect, appetite loss and headaches but some people react quite strongly to it. i am getting to the other side of treatment and had the injection in December 2014 so just wondered when i am more likely to ovulate and if this is pre or post period.

    have you had an lap op yet?

  • its also use to treat prostrate cancer in men hence the link has cancer in the title but don't let that alarm you.

  • Hi - well you will ovulate before you have a period so you can't anticipate when you will ovulate until your cycles are back to a regular pattern. If that was a 3 monthly prostap jab then saying you will be ready in March was a bit hopeful. It could take a few months yet for your hormones to sort themselves out.

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