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Things stuck together, doctor said leave it?

Hello Ladies! I had my first lap on 13th March (Friday 13th of all days!) I had to pull my follow up appointment forward by a few weeks.

He told me on the recovery table that I was Stage 3 and he removed what he could, I asked if he had untwisted my tube and if I could have children, he said he didn't untwist anything and I can conceive but I will find it hard.

However, at the follow up he then proceeded to tell me that it was 'only' stage 2 and my tubes were perfectly fine and not blocked or twisted.

However, one ovary is stuck to my bowel and the other stuck to the back of my womb.

Again, I asked about fertility, he said right now I am fine but he can't say what I will be like in 2/3 years. He doesn't want to do anymore surgery and left endo in there, he really was a cocky arse.

I'm worried if I leave it stuck together, will it get worse in 2 years? Affect my fertility?

My surgeon hasn't been any help and I read all I can on here but I'm at a loss now what to do :(

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I would get referred on to an endo specialist on the bsge list for a 2nd opinion before deciding what else to do. If he left endo in place sounds like a generalist who doesnt understand endo. Good luck in getting sorted.

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That's awful, you poor thing. I would suggest getting a second opinion from a specialised endo centre, especially as things are stuck together.

Check out Lindle's posts; she is so thorough in her explanations, and provides links on how to find an endo specialist.

Sending you big hugs and loads of luck X


Hi - in actual fact, although it won't seem like it, this is the best thing that could have happened. When a (cocky) incompetent goes into a pelvis the best thing you can hope for is that they will leave well alone and then it gives you the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and get dealt with by someone who knows what they are doing. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist and be sure to click the links at the bottom for the confirmation that your GP has to respect your right to a second opinion and to see a specialist of your choice. x


Sorry to hear that! I got a second opinion, but my first obgyn/surgeon he tested for Endo did the lap no questions following hysterectomy. He excised it off burned off, didn't feel a thing recovery was ok, not mentioning traditional 1st hyst I had. But send Doc did the hyst found more Endo it comes back yr body is allergic to Estrogen our hormones. But do find a specialist on Endo I'm still searching just incase I have more I want a thorough check. I still have symptoms and surgery error!!! God help you on yr search


Thank you all for your replies!! I have taken your advice and have been referred to a specialist by my surgeon! Thank you, all my love xx


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