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Decapeptyl to take or not ?!

Hi am looking for some advice about taking Decapeptyl . Had first lap 3 months ago for suspected endo &been for results today and said I have fibroids, a retrograde ? Womb and maybe endo inside ( outside looked ok) . Options offered were mireena coil which am not keen on , another op to burn lining ( which I thought was plan in first place!) , hysterectomy or Decapeptyl injection. The thinking behind it to shrink lining and see if it helps and if so then hysterectomy would help. The thing is he wanted me to take the injection there & then ! Asked for some time to think about it and get more info as I have heard mixed feelings about it especially about side effects . Any thoughts , experiences or info would be greatly appreciated - they have given me appt in 2 weeks to decide then . Cheers x

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