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Now heading towards three months and no period. Can an endometrioma stop my cycle?

Oh and I am not pregnant! Could be an age thing as I am 43 but It is massively frustrating, first few weeks were ok as actually I was happy to be not suffering the usual cycle issues but there has been nothing at all. No spotting, no terrible cramping, no brown blood, just a few periods of feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I know I know - back to the drs I have to go. I have an endometioma on an ovary and wondered if this could cause the complete absence of periods (as previous endometrioma didn't)?

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I think it would depend on how deep the endo is in the ovary but if the other one is in tact that one should be producing an egg alternately. You could get an ovulation tester to see if you are getting the mid cycle hormone surges and if you usually got ovulation pain but don't at the moment then it does sound like you are not ovulating. Age could be a factor - might be perimenopausal. I should ask your GP to have bloods taken to check your hormone status.


Thank you! I meant to reply to you earlier but hadn't been on the board much. Period did come after 11 weeks so I imagine it was either down to hormones or some sort of stress. Last Dr test for various bloods just after Christmas said I was waaay off menopause but I guess things can change over a few months. Thankfully my period was not worse than any other which is what I was worried about!


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