what can i expect after having prostrap injections for 6 months now i have stopped taking them?

hi i dont know if anyone can help me, i started taking prostrap 6 months ago as i have a large fibroid in my womb.the consultant said it would shrink it ready for surgery as it was too big.taking injections did not work but because i sufferd really bad with my monthlys i was advised to continue having them.now my doctors wont give me anymore as i have had 6 and my original consultant has now left and the new one has told me to stop having the injections but wont give me my operation until at least jan.what can i expect when everything gets back to normal and how long till it does?

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  • they never worked on me either but they have removed mine as mine was a size of an eye and was embedded to the womb... so how big is it?? the fibroid... i used to suffer badly too as i was bleeding every single day... you should ask when you can remove it as it making you suffer a lot and they will sort something out...

  • hi my fibroid is apparently 7cm and its in the neck of my womb. i have phoned hospital nearly every day asking if i can have it removed sooner but they say they have brought it forward to jan.quite annoyed really as my last consultant told me that it was pushing everything to the side.he also said i would have my op in nov too but now he has left i dont think the office staff are really that bothered.me and my partner have been trying fr a baby for 13yrs as it is so now they making me wait even longer and no doubt in pain once everything gets back to normal! my doc has also sent them a letter saying its now classed as a urgent op but still no joy.

  • awww bless you and you have tried everything and next time you phone and say that you cannot cope with this and i had to wait about 8 months for mine... it was a nightmare... it is urgent as it big fibroid you have got.. bless you two have tried for 13 years.. i feel for you.. it is a pain for them to make you wait for that long and it is not fair aint it?? let me know when you do get the date for the op ok... dont worry about the office staff just concentrate on the gynae secretary as she is the one write the letter... have you told your GP that you still havent heard and they will get on them... ((( BIG HUGS))) ... xx

  • thanks. is is a nightmare. we have tried everything to get pregnant.last consultant said once fibroid is removed we have to wait 6 months so everything is settled down then ivf. so thats one good thing just fed up with the waiting! im going to docs soon to get stocked up on those acid tablets ready for when everything starts up again! so i will tell them that im still waiting.and hopefully it might make a difference. thanks for talking will keep u updated xx

  • that alright my pleasure... i am here at anytime ok and keep on at them... they will give up eventually and then give you the date... i expect you are fed up of being on those acid tablets. i know the feeling as i was like that and it horrible... xx

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