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In agony

Hi all, I'm in agony, I'm taking 20 mg x2 of morphine sulphate and max dose of paracetamol and ibrubofen, and today yesterday I'm in peices,

13 days post lap, removal of endo and diagnosed with adenomyosis, ive felt like this numerous times before op, but feeling so low as it was supposed to help me,

So fed up just need to no that there is some sort of light at the end of my tunnel, got follow up on 14 so only 11 days away, but then what more waiting I suppos,

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I'm so sorry you are in so much pai and suffering so much.

I too I'm a a lot of pain. I was told that I wasn't to get anymore Oxynorm as of yesterday and am managing of my normal DHC and some nefopam and paracetamol plus some gapapentin. It's very upsetting and frightening when you are in so much pain. I have a kidney infection and am 5 weeks post lap. I feel exactly as you do my op was supposed to help but I'm in awful pain. I can move around alot better and walk better but today the pain my legs and groin is just awful.

Unfortunately it's now the easter break so services are limited. If you are absolutely desperate you could phone nhs 24 but it would probably be a complete nightmare going to a&e Iif they send you at a holiday period.

Sorry don't know what else to suggest but thinking of you and hope your pain calms down xxx


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