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Still in pain

Ok so I'm 12 days post laparoscopy and I'm Still in pain, I was diagnosed with ENdo which was excised from behind uterus and ligament and also server advanced adenomyosis, my surgeon said he dosnt know whether my symptons where coming from the endo or adeno but prober ly the adeno due to the servirty of it, and thinks I'll have to have a hysterectomy, well I think I'm sort of over the op but still feel the same, got all same pains and still extremely shattered,

What do you all think, should I now think that it's all the adeno or should I be giving my self more time to recover,

If it was recovery pains would they be different wouldn't they???


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Longer to recover it took me months to start to feel a bit better after my op and now all the pain has returned just a horrible cycle until a hysterectomy I guess xx


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