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Spastic Pelvic Floor Syndrome/Pelvic Floor Disorder

So Dr has been in touch to update me about my surgery (as i wasnt with it enough and was too upset to really take in the information after being told the lump hadnt been removed)

Whilst they were inside, they were unable to find the lump. Which the Dr now believes isnt a recto-vaginal nodule. She is now wondering whether this is Spastic Pelvic Floor Syndrome or Pelvic Floor Disorder. I suffer from constipation (but not being unable to pass stool, but never feeling the need to go)

I've had 1 lap where the Dr could see it, and now a second one where they cant. 3 doctors have been able to feel the lump, it was seen on an MRI and a very painful sigmoidoscopy (i required 3 types of sedation to get into the bowel) but nothing wrong with bowel, but could feel a mass.

I feel a bit lost. I can't find much info on SPFS/PFD and i don't really know how i would fix it. I did have some endo removed, but only a minor amount, ( i know there is no correlation between pain and amount) so I'm back at square one with this lump which was the reason that pushed me into going to the GP. I've never had a normal natural period, i suffer with PCOS and Endo, which ive only all learnt in the last 6 months after struggling with hormones and periods for years. The lump is the pain button, and now i have to wait 2 months to see my Dr before i can start again on this lump. the lump causes pain while peeing, pooping, sex, and generally i can feel it dragging and nawing when i sit, walk or stand. I'm worried and I have no idea what to do next.

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Hi sorry to hear about your troubles. It sounds like that you might have a diagnosis of sorts. You may benefit from getting your Gp to ref you to a pelvic pain clinic. They will be able to help you get some answers and hopefully treatment that will help.

I also wondering if a pelvic physio would help. I would speak to your GP.

Good luck and I'm sorry your op didn't give the results you wanted xxx


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