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I had a mystery ultrasound!

I had an ultrasound appointment come through and I had no idea why as it is not at the hopsital I am waiting to see gynae at. Turns out my GP requested it. I had a trainee and the supervisor. When they did the standard scan she took a lot of images of my right side near my hip, I know I have a cyst on this kidney so I guess it was that. I had to have a transvaginal scan as I have a retrograde uterus they couldn't see on the regular scan. When they were looking at my uterus the supervisor told the trainee to take a shot of a possible adenomyosis and also told her my left ovary was polysistic and they also found some fluid in my pelvis. Fingers crossed this helps to solve my ongoing left side abdo pain and gives gynae something to go on.

Colo-rectal yesterday were useless and said they are basically clueless so have referred me for a scan of the bowel that wasn't covered by a barium enema and have put me on the list for a laproscopy in case it is adhesions but he kept going on about it being really dangerous, the opposite of what was said last time I had a lap when they found the adhesions. He just shrugged when I got upset and said he may never know what is wrong with me and causing all my pain. I am thinking of asking for a new consultant as this one is like House but with a worse bedside manner.

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Him sorry to hear of your problems.

Sounds like you need to be ref to a specilaist endo centre through your GP.



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