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Coping with illness and pets?

I used to be the no. 1 dog walker until now. I walked my mums cocker spaniel Hemi as often as I could. Its a good thing that I didn't get a dog of my own because I was thinking about it for a while. But I do have two gorgeous guinea pigs named Ida and Sparkles and I love them to pieces but sometimes I'm too tired/sore to clean them out. So my mum does them for me and I always check that they have food and water. But its awful having to rely on someone else to look after them on days that I can't do a thing.

I trust my mum, but I still hate it when other people get to enjoy them (I know! I'm jealous ;-) I don't want to share them)

My mum did bring them over to me, when I was lying in bed yesterday, and I got to have a cuddle which was very nice.

So what do others do? I mean, how do you manage pets and this awful illness/disease?

Sometimes when I'm not too bad I clean the cage in bits and have a rest between each chore. So it will be like: Shake out the fleece blankets- rest- put towels and fleece in washing machine- rest (big long rest) then make up the cage. While this long drawn out process is happening, the piggies get to have playtime outside! But no-matter-what they will always be looked after.

So how do you manage it?

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I have 2 dogs and 2 cats they are my life line they know when I am in pain they cuddle up to me I have a big back garden fenced off so they can not get out they are only small I do tack them out and they are the first think that gets seen to when I get up even when I am in pain I make sure they are sorted I would never be ith out them you just have to do wot you have to do I do have a husband but he works a lot and I do have bad days I had a stroke then lost the use of my left leg in December iv got it back now thank good with a lot of help x


Get a pet from a small shelter that know that animal's personality/energy levels. I am planning on getting adult cats rather than kittens because kittens will be too energetic for my needs!


At my worst I still walked the dogs it was my life saver cleared my head and although it's a huge effort walking helped me even if it was a small potter don't give up

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I guess that pets do force you to get up and do something. Thats the great thing about them. I suppose if I got an older, slow dog from the shelter (if I was to get a dog) then we could both go for very slow short walks.

Whenever I go for a walk for exercise it is very slow and I never take Hemi because he would never want to go slow and would pull, which hurts.

I suppose fish would be the next best thing "sit and watch" :-D


I have 3 dogs and 4 guinea pigs, I always manage to do them even if I'm in the worst pain. Sometimes it's the only thing I can do all day. It makes you feel so helpless. I rely on my mum so much too. I always take loads of my strong painkillers before and rest after. I feel better now though after the excision of my endo. Also my animals just love a cuddle the most, especially the dogs, they are really laid back. So hopefully if you get the right dog you will be ok, and remember they love you the most out of anything, whether you can't get dressed, or washed or anything. My dogs have completely been a comfort to me over the last few years. Hope things get better for you xx


I congratulate all those who are getting up to take care for their animals no matter how much pain they are in. I feel kind of ashamed for leaving it to my mum now :-( I just felt so weak, had a headache and was in a lot of pain, but I should've done it no matter what.


No of course not, I didn't mean that. I'm so sorry if I upset you. I just meant it sometimes took me all day. It made me feel I'd achieved something. I also know I don't get as much pain as some people so I'm very lucky. And believe me I've relied on my mum SO much for such a long time, have cried so much at what I couldn't do over the last few years. And the dogs didn't need ass much as I thought as they were just so glad I was around! Don't ever be ashamed. Are you getting any help for your pain, or due surgery or anything? Do you see a specialist? Xx


Thanks very much, I was just feeling bad because I felt that if other people could do it then so could I! Yes I'm about to go on another stronger contraception pill which should work better then the last one. I'm going to see the gynecologist soon but the date hasn't been set yet.

I had a pet mouse a little while ago, when he died I found out that I wasn't allowed to get another one. I'd been hoping to get females this time. But since mum is the one who looks after the guinea pigs when I'm sick, she's worried she'll have to clean out a mouse too!

I guess if I really pushed for it she'd let me get another because my parents are laid back about that sort of thing and they know I am responsible, but I'm worried that if I got more mice, they wouldn't get so much attention.

I really miss having lots of animals to look after, so many were given away because of this awful illness (or whatever it is).


Hiya it doesn't matter who looks after them as long as they get looked after😍 I'm a vet nurse but do less strenuous nurse work now because of the chronic pain, my dogs are my life an they do keep me going every day some days it's so hard but I walk them then rest I find the figure of eight lead is great to stop pulling and take my time,an take there dry breakfast to scatter play for snuffle out fun on my walks,they just adore sniffing out there food, an it means I can even sit a bit if I need too whilst occupying them it keeps us all sane lol x I have no help as family not around an my partner works long hours u can always hire a dog walker if desperate but I find the walks do help brain space an healing x my aquarium is my pride an joy it used to take a hour to sort now it takes me a day but I just do a bit,rest then bit more have found it frustrating but it really keeps one going an the love from my dogs is the best thing ever x always a way is my moto might be slower but tortoises rock I say nothing wrong it's the trying that counts x x good luck everyone love your pets 😘

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Wow I don't know how you all cope when you live by yourselves. I really overdid it yesterday because I shifted some heavy furniture, cleaned the guinea pigs cage and went for a walk twice. Now I have pain. I live with my parents (I'm 18) so I should've asked them for help. I just don't like asking for help. But right now I'm paying for it :(

But I agree that animals do give you a reason to get out of bed everyday and also to get exercise!


I have to say that I try to make the needs of my dogs come first. Sa


I have to say that I try and make the needs of my dogs come first.

Although when the pain is really bad i struggle to get out of bed,

They have a nice back garden to go in and always get fed and given water even if it kills me to do it.

The love you get back is the biggest reward as its unconditional .... well unless they waiting for a treat😊

Sometimes I feel guilty when I can't physically take them out But when I'm ill they don't leave my side.


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