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Weekly Personal Experience

Hi ladies I'm aiming to post a weekly personal experience so it helps me living with endo and helpful it may give others comfort that your not alone in this daily fight.

Please read my post on living endo if you are interested in I've been through over a span of nearly 20 years and still battling.

I've been fighting chronic Pain in my right side just under my ribs in the front and back for nearly two years. Again after a very long process of test after test and being ignored by the doctors. I finally had an internal ultra sound which found the endo adhesion round the bowel and at the back of the bladder.

I'm due to have my 3rd laparoscopy on the 31st and depending on what they find open surgery after that. Ive not been able to attend work since last Novmber after a bad attack of pain and I ended up in A&E again.

I had a pain blocker (steroid) injected in to my abdoman to block the nerve endings and hoping to give me some rest bite from my pain. Unfortunately it's not worked and cause me more discomfort. I sat watching the TV last night with a hot water bottle on my back and a bag of ice on my stomach. Also I've on my face to cool my temperature and relief intense headache which are sides affects from Zomorph (morphine) which I've been taking for nearly 10months.

My pain became so intense this week that I can't stand or walk properly because I'm balance was so off. My balance came back from Thursday but still fighting the pain and I will not let this control me. Keep going and keep fighting everyone. Love Julie xxx

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Hi Julie

Great idea and very comforting for others to post how you feel.

I've Pm'd you xxx


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