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Persistent pain

I went to the GP today. I probably should have gone sooner, but not liking the whole doctor scene and hoping the pain will just go away it took me ages. I had a laparoscopy last year about May'ish because doctors were not sure why I have heavy periods and why it is so painful. (To the point you want to pass out.) After surgery, they confirmed it was indeed endo, and removed the current ones and moved one of my ovaries which was not on the right spot... (had no idea).

After the surgery and with a coil inserted I was really hoping to see positive results. Yet to no avail it is actually worse (believe it or not).

After having persistent pain to a point where I can't even to do my job I decided do go to the GP again. (Just quick in between note, I think GP's should be properly trained on endometriosis - understanding it, and how to help their patients in cases like mine and yours.) The GP could only prescribe me stronger pain tablets (which I do not mind, because it is needed) and referral to my gynaecologist again.

What does anyone else do in these cases, dealing with a lot of pain and so forth?

The only thing I use is pain tablets and warm water bottle and rest.

I try to excercise when I can, but as you can imagine... some days (most days) it cannot happen due to tiredness and pain.

Does anybody have any tips or ideas what I can do while I wait to see gynaecologist again?

Thanks xx

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I wish I had some advice for you, it is vicious circle where we end up being off work due to all the waiting around, heat pads, wheat bags and my electric blanket are my best friends at the moment, along with a load of tramadol. Wish I could help.mi would also suggest ringing the hospital everyday until they give you an earlier appointment, although the referrals themselves seem to take a while, hope you get seen quickly x


Thank you durdledoor. I will take your advice regarding the hospital. All the best to you as well! Hopefully they can make some miracle drug that can take endometriosis away in the near future... (fingers crossed).


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