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Fed up pre op was 6weeks ago and still waiting


Just wanted to rant, I am so fed up I had my pre op 6 weeks ago and told it wouldn't be long yet I'm still waiting :( just so fed up not knowing when its going to happen so I can prepare as I have 3 young children at home so need to know to arrange childcare :(

Thanks for listening xx

Hope everyone is as pain free as poss x

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Hi. I had an appointment at hospital other day and pre op On the same day when I asked how long I would be waiting for appointment for surgery said could be upto 18 weeks. This is per their guidelines. Maybe try calling where you are getting op done and see if they can tell you anymore?

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Thanks for you reply I have been on the list now for 14 weeks, but my pre op was 6 weeks ago so if your saying it should be hopefully within 18 weeks not too much longer to wait, my only thing is my youngest sons birthday is the last week do you know what happens if you tell them you can't do the appointment, do you have to start the 18 week again x


nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Right... that site has the rules regarding nhs wait times. says about half way down if you choose to delay because of for example a planned holiday they may pause the clock. So I'm not too sure. Sorry. I hope if it happens to be that week they can just offer another one asap after but I don't know how it works. Hope that is of some help.


Hi a year and a half ago I had to turn down an op date for the 2nd September and I wasn't given another date until the following February!! I had my preop for my next op 4 weeks ago (I've been waiting since 18th November 2014 for an appointment to come through) and when I contacted the hospital I was told it would be the end of April before the op would happen, so I can understand how frustrated you must be feeling and it's horrible knowing that you need to get things arranged but can't because you don't know what's happening, hope you get your date through soon.


Why did they do the pre op assessment when there's no op date?!?! I can only speak from my experience but I've never had a pre-op more than 2 weeks before an operation.

You need to get on to your gp and get him/her to write to /call the hospital consultant. You also need to get in contact with the gynae team/ consultant yourself. This might mean calling them several times a week or putting something in writing. If you are REALLY annoyed, you can get in contact with the hospital's PALS team or the chief exec's office. It's ridiculous that they have left you hanging for so long!

By that same token, if you need to postpone, tell them sooner rather than later - they can give the spot to someone else. They ought to pause the 'clock' and give you a date in the not-too-distant future....but it might be a few months (I postponed once and had to wait 4 months for the next date but I didn't mind this).

What do you think you'll do? I hope you get things sorted in the very near future.

Good luck!


Most hospitals now do a pre op at the earliest stage possible and a pre op assessment can be done up to 6 months prior to surgery apparently. I had mine 26th nov and had my actual surgery this week. Contact surgeons secretary and say you are struggling with the wait - maybe say pain is unbearable etc. They will usually see what they can do. But I have no idea if you turn down a date - I know when mine came it wasn't ideal at all but I just couldn't wait any longer so went ahead x


Thank you all for your replies I have called twice and advised that i cant go in on a certain date so hopefully they would of noted that down, but after looking into it now i think I'm just going to have to take whatever date they offer me, dont think i can take putting it back month's



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