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Hi all, well I had my appointment with my endo specialist today,who was utterly lovely,very understanding and reassuring. My endo is very nasty and is everywhere bowel,bladder,ureters,cervix,urteral sacral.ligaments and my first mri scan shows that I have severe lumber spine problems and no discs from l1 to l5 one of which is entruding into my spine and ligaments,he said he's not sure if the endo has caused this but says I need another mri scan and appointments with nurologist surgeon. Looking like I need major spinal surgery and major endo surgery. He can't believe my gp hasn't referred me sooner. I'm in shock at the news wasn't expecting anything like this. But explains my excruciating back pain and loss of feeling in my legs. Xx

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  • Oh Victoria, but hopefully you are in good hands now. How will we ever get GPs educated at the first point of care as they are such a weak link in the system. xx

  • Hi Lindle, he was appalled that the gp hasn't referred me sooner for mri scan and to see him. Your right gps are the weak link and it shouldn't be like this. He's writing a report and sending it to my new gp stating this. I've been in agony for.months and I'm now facing two major surgeries and months of rehabilitation. Have to be honest I'm terrified of having spinal surgery. Will hopefully know soon if it is the endo that's caused this. I now need to find a top spinal surgeon,hope it's not as hard as finding a good endo specialist xx

  • It shouldn't be now Victoria as you finally have someone batting for you. But you would be wise to do some research and I'm guessing you won't be asking a GP's advice. What a bitter-sweet pill this is to have so much damage done to get noticed. xx

  • thank you Lindle think I'm still in shock really wasn't expecting news like this. I will be doing as much reasearch as I can xx

  • Hi, been looking for information on endo of lumbar spine and there doesn't seem to be much information online about it. Has anyone been diagnosed with endo of lumbar spine? If so, what treatments where you offered or surgery? Thanks x

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