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chest pain during period

i get severe chest pains and even feelings of not being able to breathe properly a day or two before my period begins, i often wake at night with palpitations during period also, it's a nightmare every month but then i was wondering how many others of you get that feeling? I have seen the gynaecologist it's since i've had a coil put in also but then i can't go on the pill because i smoke around 6 cigarettes a day...

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I get chest pain when my Endo flares up is so hard got it at moment don't know what to do either. Gets worse during period. Can't do anything about to start third ivf cycle so very scared. Feel rough at moment Endo is awful and sick. Can't breathe been going to work is real struggle I work with children too. Is nice to hear someone else is going through this too. Dr won't do anything so annoying don't belive me when struggling to breathe was in hospital with it last time just gave me painkillers were not taking me seriously. Hope your ok lots of love xxx


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