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Hi everyone. I am back on the prostap as my endo flared up worse than ever back in August. I always had Injection into arm but got it in stomach which is tender like having stitches. Am 44 can't have hysterectomy as to much endo attached to all organs. This is very depressing and has been going on for years with surgeries being abandoned. Does anyone here see a dr in RVH or thé Mater in Belfast if so what do you think. Xx

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Have you checked the bsge list of specialists, try to get referred to one on there,

Good luck xxx


Been seeing dr hunter for years now. Just wondered if anyone else sees him.

Thanks for your help


Why are they giving you prostap - it will have no effect on your stage of endo and can have harmful long term effects? You should be having your endo and adhesions removed which a specialist lap surgeon can do, not be put into menopause to 'shrink' it as unfortunately it won't. Have a word with Molly who is finally getting to see an endo specialist in Northern Ireland. Her username is moxyfilms. x

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Sorry its probably the way I have worded my post. Dr Hunter is a top specialist in Norther Ireland who has done a few of my surgeries in which could only remove some endo and adhesions has tired to do hysterectomy which had to be abandoned because high risk to other organs as they are all stuck together. Am told now for me its pain and symptoms management.

The last op was 4years ago done with2 specialists Mc Clure & Hunter.

So I am just struggling on. With stage 4.

Thanks for your reply. Xx

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"a top specialist" hhhmmmmm I beg to differ.....I know a few who agree with me. Women deserve better care here...we are forgotten about. ...Consultants really could do more to speed up appointment and surgery times if they wanted to....consulting without notes, making you wait 10 months for a review appointment after surgery, being blunt, rude and dismissive, discharging you when you still need care (so you are back into asking your GP to refer you back)....no we are poorly served over here...


All of this.


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