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Hi all.

I was given a diagnosis of endo by my GP 3 days ago. She told me to continue taking my birth control pills without having a break for bleeding and it should ease the pain. If not then I should come back in 4 months and she will try changing the pill. She doesn't want to send me for a laparoscopy as she wants to try the pill first. I have always had heavy painful periods but only in the last year have I had pain in the area all the time. Last year a different GP kept giving me antibiotics for a urine infection and then sent me for an STI check and then a ultrasound and transvaginal scan but they couldn't find anything and referred me to a gynae who said we don't know what the cause it but just take pain control and if it continues come back. So I lived with the pain. I have now been with my boyfriend for 4 months and sex was absolutely fine and not painful at all until 4 weeks ago when it was just a bit sore but then became unbearable. I also had extreme pain when urinating and my period was so heavy and painful. The GP gave me more antibiotics for a suspected UTI but the results came back normal and I also had a vaginal swab taken which came back normal. So I went back and said how much pain I was in and the doctor examined and thinks that I have endometriosis. I am so worried because I haven't been with my boyfriend long and we are unable to have sex because it's too painful and previously our sex life was problem free. I'm worried I won't be able to have sex again and also worried that I don't know where my endo is or anything without having a laparoscopy. I also fear for the future and having children as I am only 24 and my GP told me to consider it sooner rather than later. I don't know how to live with having this. I feel it is going to ruin my relationship even though my boyfriend is amazingly supportive.


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Hi - I am so sorry you have endometriosis so young but what you do have going for you is that you have in in an age where proper treatment is available. Doctors and general gynaecologists will almost always treat you medically as the first approach, without knowing how bad your endo is. Birth control pills can be effective in minimal disease in that they reduce your oestrogen levels and the endo can quieten down, but they can't cure it and you can't take them forever so at some point the endo will rear its head again. The fact that your pain is increasing suggests that the medical approach isn't working anyway and you need to be seen by a specialist in endo from the start. So many older women are in a bad state because they have been treated inappropriately for many years before finally getting to a proper specialist.

It is not for your GP to decide that you can't go for a lap. This has to be a joint decision and is clearly one you have not agreed to. She has to allow you to see a specialist of your choice for a second opinion.

Have a look at my posts on endo and its symptoms, how to access a specialist and look at the links I have put there to confirm your rights. It is vital for you that you are not operated on by a general gynaecologist with no specialist training in endo surgery. You have every chance of a good outcome if the inside of your pelvis is seen for the first time by someone who knows what they are looking at.

Take a little time to write a medical history detailing your symptoms, when they occur etc. so you have this to hand when you are telling a specialist. x


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