Natural treatments?

Hello, I suffer endometriosis for 4 years, more or less, really i was diagnosed 4 years ago, but I,m sure I have this illnes before them. I tried some differents pills contracentives and the contraceptive ring, only one pill stopped the rise of endometriosis, cerazet, but for the other side I haven´t the menstruation in one year and I wanted cancel the treatment for this reason and now my aunt has diet for took the pill over 20 years. For this reason Now I´m trying homeopatic treatment, and the illness don´t diminish but don´t grown, but I have pain every dayof my life, it´s a tolerable pain but it´s not confortable. And my question is this: if someone knows a natural treatment for stop the endometriosis and the pain. And if someone knows a doctor who treat with natural treatments.

Sorry about my english, but I, m from Spain. And I want to encourage to all women who suffer endometriosis.

Thank you!


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  • I believe if you don't eat sugar wheat red meat and caffeine this could help symptoms x

  • Hi Cristina - cutting out chemicals, processed foods, eating lots of fruit and veg, antioxidants, probiotics can all help ease the symptoms in some people as endometriosis is an immune system condition. But it all depends on the extent of your endo and really this needs treating. No medications will work long term as you have found. I suggest that you see a specialist in endo, get it all excised then follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune system as healthy as possible. Do you live in the UK or Spain? If the UK have a look at my post on how to see a specialist.

  • Thank you Lindle, I live un Spain, but here is difficult to find a specialist un endo because they only vive you a preventi pill and no more about lifestyle... None tell me nothing about the food only about do some fisical exercise... Un Uk what do por suggest the doctor?

  • Hola Cristina. Click on my username and have a look at my first post about endometriosis and its symptoms to understand that it is an immune system condition and why you need to keep your body as free from chemicals as possible. But how much benefit you might get from lifestyle choices really does depend on how bad your endometriosis is. Have you never had a laparoscopy to see inside your pelvis? Do you not have endometriosis specialists in Spain? You can be seen in the UK but you would have to pay and it is expensive.

  • There are a especialists un Spain, por they say that they are specialists but really they only give you a pills, forma them it is the unique solucion.... Now I go to a gynaecologist who is also homeopath, and with the homeopatich treatment my endo doesn't grown but I have a pain every day.... I have a friend in London and sometimes I travel to visit her and if I find a good doctor in UK I can try to go, here un Spain I must to pay too ... I'm going to look your post.

    I have never had a laparoscopy.... They tell me if the endo doesn't grown it's not necessary... It's necessary? All of you did it?

  • Hello again. This is the link to a top UK expert in London (Harley Street). If you are planning a visit to London I suggest you make an appointment to see him. He is very popular so arrange it well in advance.

  • But this doctor suggest only differents surgeries... And one of then is extrac the total parts of the pelvis... You try him???

  • He is my specialist. The only way to treat endometriosis is by surgery. Medicines and other remedies might help but they can't cure it. He would do a laparoscopy first to explore your pelvis then the actual operation.

  • I wish there was some magical easy cure for endo but unfortunately it's not that simple. If you want to explore alternative and natural treatments that might help then try these resources.

    There is a lot of information in these sites but we are all different and what works for one person might not work for you.

  • Thank you Brownlow, they are really intetesting wedsites! I

  • You're welcome. Doctors in the UK are the same when it comes to food, nutrition and lifestyle. They rarely tell us anything useful! It is very unusual to come across a doctor who knows about nutrition. They aren't really taught about this at medical school.

    The woman who runs the peace with endo website has a very good book 'From Pain to Peace with Endo'. You can get it on amazon and also on kindle. You don't need a kindle to read kindle books. Just download the app to your computer or smartphone or tablet.

  • Thank you so much! Now I watch a short vídeo where the writer explain the book and looks really usuful!

    It's a shame that the doctors don't tell about this kind of things because I thinks it's an important question... And what about of tradicional china medicine? Do you know something about that?

  • I tried traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) last year with herbs but I didn't do it for long enough to know if it was working. My practitioner emigrated so I didn't continue. I did get a lot of acupuncture which helped. In the search box top right of this page put in the term "chinese medicine" and other posts will come up.

    I don't know what the system is in Spain but in the UK it's best to be seen by someone who's a member of the regulatory body and make sure that the herbs are from an approved source. There are plenty of people selling herbs online and you don't know what you're getting. Only consult someone who is registered and whom you have researched.

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