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post ablation tubal sterilization syndrome?

Has anybody been diagnosed with this? I went to see a different consultant yesterday one of the top ones at my local hospital and im going to be having a hysterectomy and prolapsed bladder repair but for the first time ever he mentioned he thinks I could have PATSS! It does explain a lot of my symptoms, I also have endo and suspected adeno and all this has come about since I had Endometrial ablation 4 years ago and sterilised 12 years ago.

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I know this is what I have after doing research myself, I haven't had a diagnosis though, my doctor just sent me home with ponstan for period pain relief. They don't even touch the pain. I haven't slept the past 2 nights with the pain. Really didn't want a hysterectomy but it's sounding like a really good option now!


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