Secret immediate gyne clinic in NI?!

Is there anyone here from Northern Ireland that knows anything about an alleged immediate gyne clinic? I am waiting for an abdominal pain clinic referal, a gyne referral to Altnagelvin Hospital in an effort to be treated by Dr. Moohan who is listed on the BSGE website, but went to A&E at the Royal Victoria in Belfast yesterday in an effort to get more help with some pain meds (no amount of tramadol and paracetamol will work) so they set me up with Voltarol suppositories and Lyrica (we'll see how this goes) and and was referred by the doctor in the A&E there to some immediate gyne care clinic that neither myself nor my GP has ever heard of. No guarantee that there will be endo specialists at this clinic, but apparently the wait time is about a week as opposed to 3-6 months or more.

Anyone know anything about this clinic!?

I've got three referrals now, on a sick line, unable to function, fed up and I'm just waiting....

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  • Molly, be careful. Don't let anyone else operate on you now you have your specialist referral in the bag. This is probably some sort of fast track gynae clinic for 'emergencies' that A and E have access to. But it will be general gynae. Let then do any amount of scans to reassure you that you don't have anything else going on but if you let them operate that will probably be your referrall to Dr M down the pan x

  • Hi, I am definitely not going to let them operate. As docs are still unsure about stones in my kidney and gallbaldder (I'm pretty sure its not) or something else, where ever I can go to get some kind of scan is a plus. I'm going to say yes to the referrals but I know exactly where I want to go if it's indeed endo and not anything else. But my blood and urine has been tested several times in the past few weeks and it's clear from my obs that my organs are (thankfully) all functioning just fine, so I can't imagine it being anything else after the endo treatments I've already been through!


  • Here's another one Lindle

  • I am from Randalstown not far from Belfast, the royal has one of the best endo specialist there so you would be in very good hands i use herbs for pain relief if i drink a cup of Raspberry leaf tea my pain subsides in 1-2 hours Paracetomol and Voltoral never worked for me but this tea does and so does applying certain essentials oils to the painful areas for more info please pm me Good luck x

  • I think the gynae dept has been moved recently from the Royal to the Mater but I would agree that the gynae docs are all excellent.

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