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Private Gyne / endo speacialist liverpool

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I got refered to gyne last month by GP (suspects endo symptoms mostly bowke realted) spoke to appointments today they said possbile 6 month wait which I just cant do!!!!! considering a private appointment, only one I can find on google for Liverpool is a doctor at Spire clinic in Liverpool has anyone had any experience with them? Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear you would have to wait such a long time for a consultation.

However on the forum we do ask that users don't mention Doctors by name. If you wanted to find an endo specialist in your area who you can see privately, I suggest you have a look on the BSGE website at consultants in your area, and see if they also run a private practice ( I have also linked an information leaflet about seeking a diagnosis which may help you.

Hope this helps! And I hope you can get a consultation soon

Best wishes,



Thankyou, apologies didnt realise about naming Drs.

Me neither! So sorry!


Don't lose hope with the potential 6m wait. I was also told the same, had my surgery within about 6weeks of being told 6m wait (on the NHS too)!

Oh thats good news what area are you?

I went to Preston Hospital (Sharoe Green Unit) but I'm out of area.

I know your suffering, it’s taken me 4 years to get to the bottom of my heavy periods - doctors palming me off on birth control and passing me around the doctors surgery to different doctors like a box of sweets. Finally seen a gynaecologist last year who suspected endometriosis - then covid hit ive waited 15 months for a laparoscopy which I had 2 days ago for them to discover I had endometriosis, they dealt with it in surgery. I would highly highly recommend you keep phoning and pleading your case and urgency if you feel you can’t wait, this may help them realise your severity.

Hope you manage to get the help you need. Xx

Thanks I will its so bad.... I dnt know how they can actually think its ok for people to wait this long i know we had the pandemic but even before that it was terrible long waits and its actully a very severe serious condition! It makes me so sad and angry!

I couldn’t agree more - it is a very serious condition that patients need to be seen ASAP! I really do hope the system speeds up, I completely understand what people are suffering with and can only pray they get seen to ASAP xxx

Hope you recover well form lap and it helps thanks for message x

I sent you a private message!

I recently had my private appointment and went through the private company Spire but not Liverpool (I won't mention where in the UK or which doctor, but Spire was the private Healthcare). Its been a super easy process, they are incredibly transparent with the costs and you know absolutely everything you'll have to pay BEFORE you pay it. Which was a huge plus for me, because I don't have health insurance and not a limitless bank lol. I just paid for the initial appointment to get in front of the specialist, which was less than £200. He has an NHS list (something I made sure of before hand, i knew I couldn't continue paying) so once he met me and felt he could help I've been transferred straight over to that. He's writing to my GP so they refer me, will prevent them saying no! So everything has been really easy :) I'm having my lap on the NHS in 3 months. Paying for that first appointment after all the heartache and doctors who have told me no for 10 years has been the best decision I've ever made. So if you're frustrated and feeling ignored, I can definitely recommend it. Providing you do your research and get someone who really knows their stuff! Xxx

Thank you for message, I am definaltly considering it. Good luck with your lap xxxx oh yes also are they able to access your reocrds from GP if you habe a private consultstion?

Thank you :) hoping my GP doesn't mess up the referral! Erm no sadly not, they only have your records if the GP makes the referral xxx

Oh right ok thanks x take care x

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