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Really fed up today :-(

I've currently been waiting for an anterior and posterior prolapse repair and something else that I can't pronounce since the 18th November 2014 but due to a few clerical errors only went on the waiting list on 29th January 2015 and that was only because I contacted the surgeons secretary. I had my pre op assessment a week ago today but she couldn't give me any ideas of when it be, ever since I had my hysterectomy and cervix removal for endo in 2007 at the age 29 I've struggled with bladder and bowel issues but wasn't taken seriously.....last year they fitted a pessary ring to hold everything up but my prolapses have found a way round it and are bulging down even more :-( today has been a tough day at work I'm in so much pain but i just keep going because I don't want to let anyone down I've literally crawled home and into bed....I'm just so fed up with waiting, sorry to ramble on but I could just cry :-(

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I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. Rest rest rest. And gentle hugs from all of us x


I am very sorry about your situation, is there anyway you can turn up at A&E and get the process going sooner?


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