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Possible endometriosis and possible dermoid cyst on my left ovary ..taking microgynon for 3 months no break and now bleeding help

Been in agony I'm 36 with 3 kids been back and forth for nearly 13 years had a laproscopy back in 2012 after doc thought cysts and endo ...that came to aparantly just a fybroid. ...so I gave up till afte my 3rd child. ..scanned cyst and they say it looks like a dermoid cyst and had another scan that showed it has grown ...my left leg really hurts like something is on a nerve. .I've been told to take microgynon for 3 months no break and specialist said if my pain stops I have endometriosis. ....I'm not so sure it's that easy to diagnose. .. from my first scan he said the pain is unlikely to be the cyst but ...again it's grown so not so sure. ...I'm next see him on the 12th March

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Hi, I was also diagnosed with possible dermoid on left ovary following a trip to A&E following a period of sharp severe pain just after Christmas. I had emergency scan and there was a small satsuma sized cyst on left ovary. Docs sent me home with pain relief. To cut a long story of the next 3 months short, I have had three further trip to gynae triage with ongoing pain which resulted in reduced hours at work as I just couldn't work. Consultant put me on 12 week waiting list for keyhole surgery to remove cyst. Last wed I woke up at 4am to the most excruciating horrific pain. I was rushed in and given emergency keyhole op. Surgeon diagnosed it was a complex cyst not a dermoid but a endometrioma - a large choc cyst which had ruptured hence the severe pain. He said the ongoing pain over the past three months was likely to be endometriosis which they discovered and also cut away. It was severe and all over the uterus and left ovary. I'm 35 and having been trying to conceive for a year and this also may explain the lack of being able to do so. If you have had symptoms like a constant dull pain, heaviness, lack of motivation, feeling a bit down, bloating and just not yourself then it could v well be endometriosis as well as the cyst like mine. The cyst would only cause pain when ruptured or torsion- twisting of the ovary. Believe this is a very specific pain and you will know it when/if it comes. It's good that you have already had children so fertility will not be an issue for you. They said to me u have to try for a baby as soon as I feel ok after surgery- about 6 weeks and there is potential for endo to come back. It sounds like the pill may be a good option for you. Wishing you well. Take care.


Thankyou but the pill is not a good option for me as it's done nothing for my pain ...I'm confident that it's a dermoid cyst as been told 3 times ..I'm 36 with 3 kids so hoping all will out soon


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