Just wondered if anyone has been told there endometrious is to severe to remove my ovaries I have a cyst on both.I Went into hospital 3 week

Ago had laprosopy could see my ovaries for all the adhesions on my pelvis and bowel told I could die if I had operation.waiting for letter for pain clinic crossing my fingers in pain all the time and trying to hold a full time job down

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  • Same here. I'm now on my 3rd injection of Zoladex. I also work full time. It's not easy. Stay strong and keep positive x

  • Hi I had some injections to make me go into the menopause they didn't work what is your injections for thanks for replying its hard to live with the pain some days x

  • Why would having surgery in danger your life? With all surgeries there are risks.

    Maybe your surgeon isn't skilled enough to carry out surgery of a complex nature, like yours ?

  • He told me to lose weight and I did now its to severe it might kill me so fed up.Its on my bowel pelvic wall and abdomen so hard to get to the ovaries were the cysts are.

  • I agree with cuddlybarb, It either means your surgeon is not sufficiently skilled in endo removal or there is some other medical reason why a surgery is not safe for you, e.g. your weight, or blood pressure or reaction to anaesthetic, or you have diseased lungs etc.

    Even the most complex of endo cases can be attacked surgically provided there are no other underlying health conditions preventing your surgery.

    Ask your GP to refer you to one of the accredited endo centres for a 2nd opinion on the surgery.

  • hi been to doctors today getting a second opinion yes may be my consultant isn't experienced in adhesions and endometriosis but my condition is getting worse the pain is really bad some days carnt cope x

  • My doc said he can't operate either? My gp and surgeon both say an op will do me more harm than good as my organs are stuck :-(

  • Do you go to an Endo specialist centre?

  • Yes. Been going for 3 years now. Surgeon said at the very least, if I had surgery, I'd be left catheterised for life. :-(

  • I'm sorry to hear that.

    So what is the plan for you?

  • At the moment I'm just on the zoladex course, whilst I wait for surgeons meeting. A few of them are going to see if there are any other options out there somewhere. I'm keeping positive, as best I can :-)

  • Keeping positive is all we can do, isn't it?

    My bits are stuck together (ovaries, bowel and uterus) and I have adenomyosis and a fibroid too. I've had Endo for over 20 years! I am 43.

    I'm currently on a GNRH drug called decapeptyly (a bit like Zoledex) and I also have the mirena.

    I am seeing my consultant next week to discuss having a hysterectomy but preserving at least one of my ovaries.

    I'm just desperate to get some pain relief and to be able to enjoy my children.

    I really hope the docs can help you.

    Cyber hugs.

    Barbara x

  • I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for next week. Good luck and thankyou for your kind words. Cyber hugs.

    Celeste x

  • You would think they could help us with all the modern technology it helps to no were not alone x

  • Agreed Kitty67 x

  • Have you asked your doc about pain relief? X

  • No i was told similar as its so extensive & have other gynea probs that operating wouldnt help prob cause more pain due to scarring internally !

    Trying to stop my periods instead but not been successful yet . On the mini pill since last december and bled for most of the time ;-(

    But the pain is less so im hopeful.

    Id try medication to help your symptoms !

    Stay strong n look after yourself! Get plenty of rest !

    Your not alone in this

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