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Please help I had a lap yesterday nothing found. On discharge notes it said possibly refer to gastro due to loaded sigmoid colon. Has anyone had any experience of this and if so what did it mean for you? Also not really important but I have two sticky patches under each breast/top of ribs and dont know why they are there. I had the heart things on the top of my chest. Thanks for reading

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  • The sticky things are the pieces for the EKG machine. They hook the long wires all over your body to the machine. It's how they can watch your heart while you are under anesthesia, or anytime they want to watch your heart rhythm. They usually pull them off when they are done, but you always find surprise ones. Make sure you check your back where your bra snap goes, sometimes they are there too.

  • I can't offer much advice just reassurance that you're not alone! I had my lap a couple weeks ago where they didn't find anything and suggested a referral to the bowels team. I'm seeing my GP on Wednesday to discuss what to do now. I hope you're recovering well x

  • Thank you for uour reply Ive been so emotional. I feel like such a fraud and like ive gone through all oc this for nothing. Now ive no explsnation for the pain or tge fact im bleeding every other week. I feel so down :, (

  • You must remember that you're not a fraud! Like me your pain and bleeding are real and it's not normal.

    My biggest frustration, and what I totally disagree with is, the discharge from gynae care when they don't find endometriosis. There are other gynae conditions that could explain the symptoms but it feels like they're not interested in investigating what else it could be. I think you should be referred back to the gynae consultants not the GP/bowels team.

    It really feels like going back to step one by having to go the the GP again, but a friend pointed out that its step two. At least they ruled out one condition!

  • Its so frustrating my consultant spoke to me for all of 30secs when I was half asleep saying he didnt find anything. Its only because I looked at my discharge notes that I saw it said to get referred to gastro. But that wont explain alk the bleeding im getting. I feel like its the start of waiting months again to get no answers

  • Did they take biopsies during your lap? Sometimes endo can't be seen with the naked eye so they should take biopsies as well.

    In addition they should probably be checking for adenomyosis, (like endo but within lining of your womb) which can be seen in an mri.

    Lastly,many ladies on here have had negative 1st laps only to find endo on 2nd one that was missed.

    Don't give up hun


  • Thank you for your reply as far as im aware he didnt. He only spoke to me very briefly and im not sure if he said hed come back to discuss it more. As I say I was still half asleep and he had a strong accent. Would it be worthwhile phoning his secretary?

  • Absolutely phone his should also be having a post op follow up as well.


  • Thank you all youve all been vrry helpful qnd kind. I feel so down its so silly. I jist wanted an answer and now have been left feeling so foolish and clueless

  • You aren't silly for being down. I don't know why they insist on talking to people when they have just come out of surgery.

    It can be so frustrating and worrying not having answers, so it's ok to feel down. And it's ok to want to know what the diagnosis is.


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