Does anyone else get really fustrated with their doctors? I've been 'urgently' referred back to gynae in view of a laparoscopy to finally.. hopefully.. diagnose endo after years of crippling pain, and I have got my date through but its 3 months time which is only for a consultation! I tried to contact my doctor to explain I really didnt want to wait that long and all they do is brush it off like youre not important?

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Contact the place where the consultant is and keep trying to get an earlier appt. I did this and luckily got one the following week due to a cancellation. Good luck

Unfortunately I have tried this, have spoken to the booking office and the secretary but no luck all they say is hes fully booked

I had all that too but after always calling finally had luck x dont give up..x

This really frustrates me because if you had gone through the choose and book system you can be reffered to the first available appointment if you are willing to travel. So choose n book should contact you after gp referral and offer you several dates at several hospitals.( even private) at no cost. You then can go to whoever is available first. If waiting is a problem. My local hospital wait times are ridiculous so I travel for an hour but I got an appointment within two weeks.

The same thing happened to me. I had to wait 11 months in total for my lap. It does seem to vary a lot by area. I travelled an hour away to a further away hospital, but it still didn't make it happen any quicker!

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