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Quick run down on my history I had my rIght ovary tube removed 10 years ago due to a 15cm by 15cm cyst followed a couple weeks later by op on my other ovary (laser) to remove cyst of that. Anyway I was in pain daily and finally had key hole that diagnosis endometriosis but not on my ovary but on tube between my kidney and bladder. Over the years iv had to keep having endo removed but not on ovary. Anyway pain started to play me up (which im in daily) worse then normal so went to gp for the long game of blood tests (which should inflammation somewhere) scan on high abdomin showed nothing and then scan on lower abdomin. When I went to gp for get re script of pill I didn't see my normal gp as she wasn't about but I asked dr I was seeing if my scan result was back he said yes and read out the results and said you have nodules on your ovary which they dont believe are cysts and you need to arrange appointment with dr whom sent you for scan to discuss further... (he seemed in a rush lol) as anyone heard of this before nodules on ovary that are not cysts?? Anyway bad me just assumed cant be nothing to worry about or they would have called me so me just been dealing with the pain but last night and today the pain seems worse and making me feel sick pulsating pain from area of ovary into my back :( just fed up with it now. Can't go gp tomorrow as got work and they have had enough of me taking time of for the evil condition/ illness/ diseases that is endometriosis just feeling fed up lol x

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The term 'nodule' is a general term for any growth or deposit that is used until its exact nature is determined either by an expert who can identify it or by biopsy if they can't. They can be cysts or solid but these will show differently on a scan and your radiologist doesn't think they are cysts from their appearance. That seems to say they are solid and as you have a long history of endometriosis it sounds as if they are likely to be endo. But it can't be confirmed until further investigation are done.

My suggestion would be to request a referral to an endometriosis specialist as your appears unresolved over a long time. You can see any consultant of your choice, in or out of your area, and there is a list at:


Good luck x


Thank you so much for your reply and helpful info really appreciated xxx


You are very welcome. Just ask if I can help further with referrals etc. xx

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