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Out of ideas

Had my second lap yesterday, and was told no endo found. On my first on I had it on my ovaries, pouch of Douglas, back of my uterus and my bowel was stuck to my abdominal wall.

I have been getting the same pains as last time, painful sex, sharp pains in my ovaries, period like pains most of the month and nausea, so why is their no endo.

I really am at my wits end, surely I should be in pain,

Also they had to keep me in,(still here) because I couldn't wee, anyone else had this

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Hi ria29. I'm so sorry to hear your having a horrible time at the mo. So no endo found at all? Just a thought but have you been tested for pelvic inflammatory disease, it can cause painful periods, heavy bleeding and abdominal pain also pain whilst having intercourse and nausea. Might be worth getting it checked out. Hope you feel better soon. All the best xx


Good luck hun xxx


So sorry to hear that.

I really wish I could have an answer. Could they have missed it? Should you get tested for PID?


Having a look online PID is diagnosed with a lap as well,


I had to stay in longer because I couldn't wee. It's just because of the anaesthetic.

I panicked and thought they'd snipped my urethra. Just keep drinking.

I hope you find your diagnosis soon!x


Hi Ria,

I get very similar pains to what you've described and was told there wasn't any endo from a scan but that I do have a fibroidy(?) womb, although because of the level of pain in I'm they're still going to have a look what's going on with a lap.

I can't offer any advice as I'm fairly new to this myself but do understand the frustration it causes. I left my scan feeling really deflated, I pinned my hopes on finally being told what was wrong and being a step closer to treating it. But that was only an awkward ultrasound, not a full blown op so maybe I can only imagine how youre feeling. Try to keep positive though. At least they didn't find anything sinister.

I really hope they figure out what's going on for you and would be interested to know what they say the next step is?

Keep pushing the gps and consultants. Fingers crossed for you



Hi Hollie, endo cant be picked up on a scan, I had so many ultrasounds and the tech even Sai that I don't have endo and if I do then it isn't very bad and during my first laparoscopy they found loads so don't pay any attention. I have come across a couple of posts on here that refer to no endo during the second lap. And this was caused by nerve damage which I can belive as one of my worst symptoms is pains in my thighs. So will be going to the gp with this info and ask to ne referred to a pain clinic. All the best



I am in exactly the same position as you (1st lap - endo, still had symtoms so 2nd lap - but no endo). I understand how disheartened you must feel, it's extremely fustrating! My consultant said it could be adenomyosis as it has very similar symptoms. Perhaps have a look online for this condition and see what you think?

Hope you are out of hospital soon xxx


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