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Third lap yesterday

So I had my third laparoscopy yesterday with the hope that they would just drain the very large cysts on both of my ovaries and then I could start my 4th go of ivf.

When the doctor came round to see me after he said he was able to do that but both of my tubes are blocked and swollen so once he has spoken to my ivf consultant I may need a 4th surgery before I can start treatment to clip or remove the tubes.

Teens more,,, my bowel is stuck to my uterus. He said in the future after I have become successful in having a baby I will need more surgery to remove part of my bowel.

Feeling a bit lost, scared and upset but trying to stay positive. Just wondered if anyone had any words of advice

Thanks for reading

Bob x

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Unfortunately, can't offer much advice.

I've heard about systemic enzymes to help unblock tubes. It seemed it worked for some women who were trying to conceive. Maybe you could google it and see if it can help??


Thank you, I'll look that up now x


Dont be scared. Get ANGRY. I have been where you are and persevered until laparotomy 5. Thank god they took the lot that time or I would be dead today. No exaggeration. Very severe neglected endometriosis can to this day kill or severly disable women.

Note you say 'he'. He like most of them havent a clue what they are asking you to do. I had to have a total hysterectomy aged 33. Obviously no children but made up for by FREEDOM from feeling so ill all of the time ffor years.


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