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It gets me down 😞

Hello everyone, I'm Hayley and I'm 21 now. I first discovered the pains three years ago in May now. I kept going back to my GP trying to explain to them about my pains in my abdomen, back and legs. The "feeling knackered" all the time - having no energy and struggling to do day to day tasks, struggling to go to the toilet, even struggling to work, my troubles of my periods (they used to come once every three months and the pains are horrendous), pain during sex, the random sharp pains I keep getting in my vagina and bottom.. The list goes on, but they kept sending me away. I kept going back persistently, they kept telling me I had IBS, even I knew it wasn't.. I began to get very frustrated and upset. Eventually I saw a gynaecologist at my doctors, she had every patience and listened to me and she mentioned endometriosis. She then referred me to Macclesfield hospital to see a specialist, I've been to a few appointments now, we've spoke about my symptoms and my specialist also knows it's endometriosis. I've had an ultra sound and internal scan and this is when they discovered I had cysts on my left side of my ovaries. Now it's finally all coming together and I'm waiting for a laparoscopy. I had my pre operative assessment on the 16th December 2014, and I'm still waiting for a date. I am honestly feeling very scared and anxious although excited at the same time, so they can actually diagnose the condition.. I thought I was suffering alone until I did more research on the illness and read people talking about it, I found out so much, even symptoms I had and didn't know was related to the disease. I do have my worries for the future, as I've always wanted children, I know it's probably not worth worrying about as I'm not at that stage to start a family yet. Although it's always at the back of my mind. The pains honestly seem to be getting worse, it's effecting me physically, mentally and emotionally.. I feel I'm always going on about "feeling poorly" and "feeling tired" etc. Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend that's very supportive and understands what I'm going through. I just sometimes feel my family and work colleagues don't believe or understand the effects it has on me. Obviously endometriosis isn't visible, you suffer inside and sometimes feel your suffering alone. YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Don't suffer in silence!

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Hello, I'm glad you are finally being listened to, I'm 39 and have always suffered with period pains, I have 3 sons, and after my 3rd things got worse, and over the last ten years I've put up with mild symptoms of pains in my pelvis and hips and legs, also my back pain has been a big issue, I put my problems down to my back condition, but over the last year the front pains have got worse and for six months now persistent pains, I've finally got a date 21st of March for a laporoscopy as my gyne thinks it's possible to be endo or adenomyosis if any endo is found he will remove as and where possible, I'm scared also, but more excited to get a diagnosis and hopefully some releaf


I'm sorry your suffering too. I hope it all goes well for you, good luck and thank you for sharing with me. Please let me know how it goes. 😃. X


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