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over 50s and uti's

ive recently had a laparoscopy following many painful months and repeated UTI's and have been told they had burned off endometriosis during the op. im now awaiting follow up with consultant but no-one thought about this previously because of my age. my questions are:

anyone else over 50 out there?

any advice on decent doctors who understand?

how do frequent uti's and irritable bladder fit in?


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I'm coming up 44 in April so not quite in 50s but nearly?

Only found my Endometeriosis last October having pain abdominal and kidny area. The consultant didi not find out during infertility treatment.

I had lots of IBs like sympton, but especially during periods.

Finding a decent Dr is tricky, try different GPs and if not happy with your consultant, get a second opinion via GP. That's what I've done.

Good luck!


Thank you it's hard!


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