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hi all, im 17 and have suffered with endometriosis for 2 years, having gone through a laporoscopy they told me it was the E word. Then 6 months later, i get told its just bad period pains, i dont now how i can have bad pains though when i am very irregular. can anyone help me? my biggest worry is not having children, its hard to hear that at y age, can anyone help?

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Hi! I just left my first post a few minutes ago myself, it says hubby72 but my name is Jewels. I noticed because I was misdiagnosed with endo at 17 also and my first thought was (or should I say my mom's) what about kids? Heavy and irregular periods are pretty normal at your age. You need a good gynaecologist and not just a gp to help you out. I stopped having my period for 6 years and when it started it up again I though I was dying! So I was put on a very low dose birth control pill and no more pain. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Hi PrimroseJane, I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering and in so much pain for someone so young. I got diagnosed when I was 15 years old by a gynaecologist with severe endometriosis and that was after having chronic debilitating period pains since 11 years old. I suspect that if the gynaecologist told you it was endometriosis after the laparoscopy then they found some evidence of it; they tend to know what they are looking for. Pain from endometriosis can be evident throughout your cycle even if its irregular. Women are often told that 'bad period pains' are normal but they are not. The pain normally means inflammation of some kind, so the aim with endometriosis is to reduce inflammation and in particular to exposure of xenoestrogens (parabens, SLS etc) and phytoestrogens (endometriosis is an estrogen dominant condition).

It can be scary having so much pain and being told different things from people. I know I have been there. I suffered severe stage IV endometriosis for 33 years and laterly adenomyois, but I can share with you to give you hope, that I have managed in the past 2 years to heal my body naturally and I am no longer in pain. And despite having severe endometriosis I was able to have 2 beautiful children. In fact my daughter who is 21 years old showed signs of endometriosis and chronic period pain at about 14 years old but she is pain free now too. So do not give up hope. If you need more info in any way let me. Best wishes and take care


Hi there, I am exploring natural options and would love to hear more about what has helped you?


Hi if they told you that you have endo now they are changing their mind , get in touch with your gyne as they should have taken pictures of your endo, explain to them and be very persistent that you are not happy to just settle for them changing their mind this is not fair in any way , what does your surgery paper say you should have a report of your lap, I think it's discusting to put you through this at your age telling you that you do have it then you don't, also getting a second opinion from a different gyne would probably be helpful x


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